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June 6, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

I received a few days ago, from a member of this website, an interesting article from The Jerusalem Post. When I tried to click the link, the article remained for a few hours, then went down, then came up again.

Egyptian Activists to form Nazi Party

Just when you thought it was safe to view all these Middle East uprisings as nothing but the spontaneous uprising of people fed up with tyrants - and it certainly is that! - this ugly beast once more rears its ugly head. I've had private suspicions and doubts that all of this is merely spontaneous, and that there was not a hidden hand, or hands, involved in at least some of it, and with even more hidden motivations. Certainly the formation of an Egyptian Nazi party cannot be all that startling; the historical connections go back to the inter-war period, and even more importantly, to eh postwar activities of Nazis in that country, led by SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny, under the auspices of Gamal Abdul Nasser's government that overthrough King Farouk in a CIA-sponsored coup. And Farouk himself was not hostile to the Nazis.

It makes a certain sort of sense that if a postwar Nazi International has continued to this time, that it would seek to reactivate those old connections (and most likely, cells), in Egypt. I'm not surprised, in other words, by The Jerusalem Post article, except only in the sense of why did it take so long for this possibility to come to light?

But whatever else is going on here, Nazism isn't the only possible story. Consider Libya: I've mentioned my suspicions that there are possibly hidden agendas concerning ancient sites, and so on. But there are many more to consider, not the least of which are China's heavy interest in Libyan oil and several large construction projects they undertook in conjunction with Qaddafi's regime. The NATO move (really, the French-American-Italian move) against Qaddafi might and I suggest should be viewed against this Chinese context, especially considering that China warned the West about intervention in Syria.

What we're witnessing is, in my opinion, nothing less than the redrawing of the post-Cold War geopolitical reality, and increasingly, we're looking at two things: (1) the usual geopolitical jockeying between power blocs, in this case, the West, and the so-called BRIC powers - Brazil, Russia, China, India - and (2) a more hidden group of "borderless" players, people like Nazis, postwar Fascists, criminal underground elements, and so on.

The Jerusalem Post's article is serving notice that we had better watch the hidden players in the Middle East very carefully, for what better way to "create a crisis" than to revive old antagonisms between radical Islam, the "master race," on the one hand, and "God's chosen people" on the other?