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I received a few days ago, from a member of this website, an interesting article from The Jerusalem Post. When I tried to click the link, the article remained for a few hours, then went down, then came up again.

Egyptian Activists to form Nazi Party

Just when you thought it was safe to view all these Middle East uprisings as nothing but the spontaneous uprising of people fed up with tyrants - and it certainly is that! - this ugly beast once more rears its ugly head. I've had private suspicions and doubts that all of this is merely spontaneous, and that there was not a hidden hand, or hands, involved in at least some of it, and with even more hidden motivations. Certainly the formation of an Egyptian Nazi party cannot be all that startling; the historical connections go back to the inter-war period, and even more importantly, to eh postwar activities of Nazis in that country, led by SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny, under the auspices of Gamal Abdul Nasser's government that overthrough King Farouk in a CIA-sponsored coup. And Farouk himself was not hostile to the Nazis.

It makes a certain sort of sense that if a postwar Nazi International has continued to this time, that it would seek to reactivate those old connections (and most likely, cells), in Egypt. I'm not surprised, in other words, by The Jerusalem Post article, except only in the sense of why did it take so long for this possibility to come to light?

But whatever else is going on here, Nazism isn't the only possible story. Consider Libya: I've mentioned my suspicions that there are possibly hidden agendas concerning ancient sites, and so on. But there are many more to consider, not the least of which are China's heavy interest in Libyan oil and several large construction projects they undertook in conjunction with Qaddafi's regime. The NATO move (really, the French-American-Italian move) against Qaddafi might and I suggest should be viewed against this Chinese context, especially considering that China warned the West about intervention in Syria.

What we're witnessing is, in my opinion, nothing less than the redrawing of the post-Cold War geopolitical reality, and increasingly, we're looking at two things: (1) the usual geopolitical jockeying between power blocs, in this case, the West, and the so-called BRIC powers - Brazil, Russia, China, India - and (2) a more hidden group of "borderless" players, people like Nazis, postwar Fascists, criminal underground elements, and so on.

The Jerusalem Post's article is serving notice that we had better watch the hidden players in the Middle East very carefully, for what better way to "create a crisis" than to revive old antagonisms between radical Islam, the "master race," on the one hand, and "God's chosen people" on the other?



  1. i think the Arab Spring uprising is fundamentally initiated from within the hearts and minds of the people in the square in Cairo, and these later developments are attempts to steer and co-opt the wave by those who have always benefited from conflict. The Jerusalem Post/Mossad have quite a track record, and as long as we have Nazis to play the invincible bogey-man, why we would look for a different one?

  2. After reading that article and the last words of your entry , i feel a redefinition of the chills coming on.

  3. Well, after Dr. DeMeo’s (Orgone researcher at http://www.orgonelab.org) last newsletter on the new “free” Egyptians’ clerics talking Jihad raids and restoring the Slave Trade to balance the budget, the Nazi’s aren’t so bad, really.

    1. Demeo is on record as supporting both the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the Afghan war.

      Despite his Orgone work, he see Islamofascism everywhere.

  4. If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again!

    Dr. Farrell,

    What’s the original source for this quote from Babylon’s Banksters, which you reference from Brown?

    “Whosoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce…. And when you realize the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

    Brown’s book does not have a source, and I can’t find any on the internet. Wikiquotes says it’s “probably” a paraphrase and/or commentary on another quote, but doesn’t provide evidence of where/how that happened. As someone with real academic credentials I would expect you have better resources for finding these things than the average person. I was wanting to post it to my Facebook but couldn’t find the real source for it!


  5. What a great way to make friends with you Jewish neighbours… By God, are these people insane? Why would you want to be such a bad guy?

  6. Judging from the midst of Arab – the core population that keeps protesting or shares the protests – is the sentiment through out all struggling nations on the side of Arab revolutionists that of decrying and destroying the false governors in their countries, who became corrupt cronies sucking the “blood” of their own people.
    This move is not less justified than those who raise their voices in India or Greece.
    Since this sentiment against oppressors is the root for the emotional upheaval, it is logically probable that together from an anniversary the sight falls on a regional occupant who is qualified as during long decades in genocidal behavior involved power, and it alienates those who differ from tolerating the deeds of those who claim religious affiliation to the victims during WWII, closing out millions of people from their inherited territory after having killed more Palestinians than ever had been claimed about Hitler having carried out crimes during Holocaust.
    That there are powers who generated the painful urge to curb financial pressure and the consequence of a systematically devaluated US Dollar in their homelands, that should be of greater concern.
    There is no Nazi sentiment, but sure the danger of an ever growing distance between the different people (folks) if Israel does not for once open up and re-establish humanity on the grounds that were given to them and should be as much as man under God being a vicegerent, themselves guardians for the soil and hearts of all people on this holy territory – especially after they claim having suffered so much atrocities.

  7. It all goes back to the Vatican Joe.

    As an aside I was watching an old 1980’s early 90’s Alex Collier presentation and he specifically mentions that he was told by his non terrestrial contacts there are sites of great undiscovered/hidden interest in Libya. I only paid attention because you’ve mentioned it a couple of times since then. 🙂

  8. Yeah, Nazis were in Egypt after world war two and some also resided in Syria, however this is the Jerusalem Post, and today they’re mostly trying to scare Israelis into fearing another neighbor.

    I don’t see a lot of evidence that actual Nazis are organizing this party in Egypt.

    It’s pretty well understood, for example, that the Muslim Brother Hood is backed by crazy rightwingers in the Mossad, Read: “By Way of Deception”.

    The point is to instill fear not convey information.

    1. Just because this article was in the Jerusalem Post does not mean its true in any way. Its supposedly true that Arabs had links with Nazis during WW2, but its also true that Hitler had an alliance with Zionists for five minutes too. I think we have more to fear from the Zionists and their lobby in the US which runs American Foreign Policy than these rather amorphous “Nazis”. Look at the neo-nazis in the US, and in other places around the world. They are small fry. They are generally small racist people who are drowning and want to lash out at people. The easiest way for them to do this is to attack those who are different from them.

      Interesting side-note. So called “Nationalist” or Neo-Nazi organisations like the British National Party, and ones in Europe are all aligning themselves with Israel and Zionism. Now … that is very strange no matter how you cut it. These are so called “neo-nazi” organisations that have traditionally and historically been mainly anti-semitic. And now they are suddenly siding with Jewish people and Israel. Something fishy going on there, don’t you think??? To me it looks like they have been co-opted and are being used to instill even more insane Islamaphobia throughout the Western world.

      And now a Nazi Party is being set up by those pesky Egyptian activists. Hmm … sounds like someone is trying to paint the good people who were involved in the overthrow of Mubarak (who was a US tool, and corrupt and useful idiot for the zionists) as Nazis. And who would want to do that?? The very same forces that were overthrown by those same good Egyptians (I am of course also aware that CIA elements may have been involved with all what went on and is still going on in these Middle Eastern countries who are having “revolutions” at the moment. Its quite a complicated picture which is still currently in flux).

      So … just because someone mentions Nazis doesn’t mean that there is any truth to it. And … I am still failing to see any Nazi influence on world affairs as Dr Farrell intimates. It may be there, but I believe it may be small, and is thoroughly outweighed by the Jewish/Zionist/Israel Lobby in the US, the UK, France, Germany and Australia et al. They have the money and the people in place. I am not seeing anyone who is as powerful as these people are.

      Although of course, I always could be wrong. I believe that pushing the whole Nazi meme like Jim Maars does distracts from the real power players who run world affairs. It allows them to get away with much more than they should be allowed to. We need to stand up to these bullies and cowards before they use their Samson Option during a fit of pique.

      Anyway, just a few rambling thoughts on this Tuesday morning in New Zealand,

      Best wishes

      Harvey Price, Chch, NZ

  9. Yep!

    One of my first comments to an early post on the Egyptian uprisings I mentioned those very connections which you have documented in your work.

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