June 26, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

A Facebook friend of mine posted the following link in a comment to one of my posts on my Facebook Wall, and I thought it was so good I had to share it:

Opting Out

For me, the real insight of this article were these statements by the article's author, "Fitzy:"

"Many of us Opting out of the ‘Alternative Media community’ or ‘The Truth Movement’ are doing so in part, because of the obviously ridiculous fictions at play in those communities. While our hypothetical zoo keepers feed us a milligram of Truth for each Kilogram of BS, just to keep us chewing, its become so obvious and unpalatable we can’t abide it any longer.

"So in summary, our own judgement and critical thinking is rejecting Alternative memes and narratives, and what little truth there is on offer in those movements is too meager to hold our attention.

"So whats next?"

His answer to that question is that we become ruggedly individuals in view of the coalescence of the alternative and mainstream media. Well, after a certain recent disastrous flirtation with one such alternative medium, I couldn't agree more. And I totally agree with his prescient observation that the alternative and mainstream media will grow progressively closer together. The alternative to all this in his view? Remain individuals, and withdraw from that "community." In a certain sense, I couldn't agree more. We desperately need a return to independent thinkers. Note I said thinkers, not purveyors of the latest neo-Gnostic pabulum-puking "ET and the galactic federation" nonsense. We need, in short, something like the Renaissance, which, if one examines it closely, was less about rediscovering classical Greek sources, than it was about the rediscovery and implementation of Hermetic sources. The Renaissance was not a "community," nor even, really, an era; it was a culture of discourse.

As a result, I find myself in a dilemma. What do I call myself?  Am I an "independent researcher"? Well, not really, since I do read and attempt to integrate the views and research of others, both "alternative" and "mainstream." Am I an "anomalist"? Well, no, not really. Or is it even necessary to call myself anything? I suspect it's the latter.

Lest the readers or members of this blog assume from the title of this article, however, that I intend on "retiring" or any such thing, I certainly do not. I will continue writing, sharing my ideas, reading others' ideas, questioning, synthesizing, analyzing, and questioning again. There are still places and shows and people I will associate with, venues and media I will visit and, as occasion arises, have recourse to. But there have also to be standards, and there are those with whom I will not.  Be patient with me, as I sort through the details of what that means.