Babylon's Bankers


July 23, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, all good things come to them that wait, in this case, images of the so-called one billion fake Kennedy bearer bonds, sent to me from a reader of this website, that confirm their utterly fake and fraudulent nature. While this individual understandably wishes to remain anonymous, and while I do not like citation of anonymous sources, I consider the information important enough to share, and to allow people to make up their own minds about it. With that said, it should be noted that this individual lives in China (though he did not specify whether it was Nationalist or Communist China), and obtained the pictures of these images from a Chinese friend, who in turn received them from other family members, convinced that they were real.

With that, we now look at the first set of images, that of the so-called "certificate of authenticity," an important point, since it will be recalled that in the original story of the Japanese bearer bonds, the Italian financial police not only recovered bonds but certificates of authenticity for both the $500,000,000 denominated bonds, and the $1,000,000,000 denominated bonds. With that in mind, consider the following image:

Now, while it may not be fully visible in this reproduction, two things stand out. First, on this certificate, even though the denomination "1 Billion" clearly appears, it is not clear what currency is being talked about. Secondly, it is issued over the read seal of "Money World" and at the bottom center seal, we read "Maule Industries, Inc., Incorporated 1898, Seal, Florida."

Even more curious is the writing inscribed on this dubious peace of paper, which reads as follows(I insert a backslash, /, to denote the change of line): "Certificate of Authenticity/ Carry out the procedure process contract/ Pass to contract for job square the arrangement the United States keep the representative sees the bond, the beautiful / representative checks to check qualified impress, nations hold the card the lawyer comes to city to arrange the bank takes care of war-/ehouse then hold the thing that will own carriers into and should take care of warehouse. / (New Paragraph) From international be listed the lawyer sign the hair "the safety takes care of single" combing the dir-ection is beautiful to unites / to keep to communicate officially to keep on record; to declare to the United States Ministry of Finance at the same time "exempt from / the ream". (bond get a time is a month hereafter) / (New Paragraph) Contracting for job the square receives "exempt from the ream" impress, then press hold appointed location, establish to divide the / company combine a bank account for beating (?) into dividing company, the continuation hands over to mow to use its corporative with / full powers domination."

Not your average "bond-ese" by any shape of the imagination, and loaded with symbolism, to be sure. All this gobbledegook is then signed with an illegible scrawl.  All of this must have surely raised the eyebrows of the Italian Guardia di Finanza, as it surely raises our own why such nonsense would have ever mushroomed into an international financial scandal, and then just as quickly have been silenced into oblivion.

Then there is this image, yet a second "certificate of authenticity" and its accompanying picture of the obverse of the alleged "billion Kennedy bond," remembering there is no denominated currency or value anywhere visible on the "note:"

This second "certificate of authenticity" and the accompanying image of the "bearer bond" deepens the mystery, and the joke or hoax, considerably. The second "certificate of authenticity" reads as follows: "Money World Certificate of Authenticity: This certifies that ____ is the proud owner of this genuine Money World US Billion Dollar Bill and is hereby officially admitted as an Associate Billionaie of the American Billionaire's club in recognition of the qualities of human enterprise, perseverance, industry, exemplary ethics & profound compassion for humanity." This bit of none-too-subtle satire and political commentary is then signed with the same illegible scrawl as appeared on the first "certificate of authenticity", beneath with signature appears the lofty title of "by the Sign of the Chancellor of the Club."

Beneath this image, we see again the now familiar obverse of the supposed "billion dollar bearer bond" which is clearly stamped non-negotiable, with its odd serial number AP11 (or, as I also believe it can be read, AP followed by the capital Greek letter Pi) then 004240 A. Again, the "bond" itself is not denominated in any specific currency, and bears the red seal of Money World.

Then my anonymous contributor sent the image of the envelop in which his Chinese friend allegedly received the "bond", along with a picture of the reverse of the "note":

Here as before we see the lunar Excursion model landing or taking off, with a great deal of rocket dust, the space shuttle in the center, and on the left, the moon, and the statement "Commemorative One Billion" once again.

Now, all of this throws the whole original bearer bond story into a cocked hat, for if these were indeed the "billion dollar Kennedy bearer bonds" seized by the Guardia di Finanza in Italy, then one is hard-pressed to understand how such expert financial police could have been fooled by these bills and "certificates of authenticity" for a moment.

I have my own thoughts on all of this, of course, but for the moment, I throw the information out there, and let people connect the dots, and draw their own conclusions, as they may.