July 24, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, we're at the end of an era, in case you haven't noticed. The era of NASA is over (more about that later), and it coincides with the end of the Murdoch era in major Western media, and that is what I want to talk about today. We're going to speculate wildly here, returning - to paraphrase Mark Twain once again - wholesale dividends of speculation for a minimum investment of fact (by the way, he said that about the theory of evolution).

First, before we can begin to meander down the dark alleys of conspiracy theory speculation, we need to take a little stock of the major shock waves in this explosive scandal. As I see it, there are five, and I link some articles at the end of this blog for illustration purposes:

1)The Connection to the Blair Labour Government: If you've been watching the news stories, it is now clear that the Murdoch empire had deep connections to former Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labour government, with some in the UK going so far as to suggest that Rupert Murdoch himself was a kind of secret cabinet member in the Blair Government. Why this is significant is that - if you'll recall - Murdoch's News Corp and its affiliates like Fox News in this country - were gung-ho on the Iraq invasion, whipping up public support. As the scandal unfolds, it has become clear that News Corp was hacking just about everybody(see point three below), and that raises what I call the "J.Edgar Hoover scenario." It is well-known that Hoover used his power as the FBI director over several decades to build and maintain surveillance files on virtually every powerful politician in America, and was not above exploiting their powerful blackmail potential to maintain himself in power. With the Murdoch scandal, we are looking at something very similar, only on a much larger, and indeed, potentially global scale. But even this, I do not think, is the deepest level to this scenario.

2) The Allegations of Masonic Involvement: At a deeper level is the allegation that Murdoch was blackmailing the tangled "Masonic elite" of the United Kingdom (see Masonic Blackmail Behind Murdoch Scandal?) Ok, granted, the source here is by a writer on conspiracy theory and the "Illuminati," but that does not perforce invalidate the argument. Yes, Makow like so many, views Masonry as a "satanic conspiracy," and there may indeed be elements of that within it. But for our purposes, we needn't bother with what Masonry is in the UK, but rather, with the fact that it is deeply connected - as Makow rightly points out - to all the centers of institutional power in the UK, from the monarchy, to the Bank of England, to Scotland Yard, the Home Office, MI-5 and MI-6.  This brings up my "Factional Infighting" Scenario, and what I believe to be yet another sign of it with the Murdoch scandal. Murdoch, as an Australian cum-American media tycoon, conveniently straddled the fence between the two major factions within the Anglo-American elite, which, for want of better labels, we may designate the Rockefeller Faction and the Rothschild faction. With all the excessive exposure of the Rothschild end of the scandal in the UK, and now, more recently, the American end of the scandal, it appears to me that perhaps News Corp was acting as its own free agent between the two. But in any case, News Corp got too close to something that scared one, or the other, or both of those factions, into shutting the operation down. This brings us to yet a deeper level.

3) The Connection to the Royal Family's Law Firm: As the scandal unfolded, it was revealed that the firm of lawyers for the Royal Family was also implicated in the scandal (see Royal Family Lawyers Questioned in Phone Hacking Scandal). Here, as the article itself states, we are dealing with hacking on "an industrial scale," one potentially reaching out to engulf the Royal Family itself. This, plus the Masonic-Blair connections noted above, argue to my mind for the possibility that Murdoch's News Corp was a cat's paw for someone wishing to ensure the compliance of the British elite to whatever agenda was being pushed. And that brings us to the last two points, which, to my mind, and for the moment, anyway, may constitute the heart of the matter: 9/11 and the whole Potemkin village of the War on Terror erected in its wake.

4) The Sudden "Panic" Struck Nature of U.S. Subpoena Preparation: As the scandal grew to Reichstag fire proportions, it was revealed that there was a connection to 9/11, making the Reichstag fire comparison not only apt, but compelling, for allegations surfaced that News Corp. was involved in hacking the cell phone calls of the 9/11 victims and their families. This led to the next round of stories, as the FBI was to probe the allegations. (See FBI to Probe News Corp 9/11 Hacking Allegations). Notice the crucial lines here: "THe Daily Mirror reported that News of the World journalists offered to pay a New York police officer to retrieve the private phone records of victims of the September 11 attacks. The Daily Mirror, citing an unidentified source, said journalists wanted the phone numbers of the dead as well as details of the calls they made and received in the days leading to the attacks." Why in the days leading to the attacks, unless one suspected that there was a pattern that might suggest some foreknowledge of the plot? Then, just a few days later, this has gone to subpoena level (See US Preps Sobpoenas for News Corp). So why all the fuss over News Corp hacking phones of 9/11 victims...?

5) The Allegation of News Corp Hacking of 9/11 Victims' Phones: Thus far, we are dealing with nothing but allegations, but let us assume, for the moment, that News Corp was doing so, either at the time of the attacks themselves, or at a later date listening into the phone conversations of the victims' family members. Enter Dr. Judy Wood, and her thesis that the Twin Towers were brought down by an exotic form of directed energy weaponry. One of the categories of evidence that she uncovered are the so-called "Jumpers," the people we all saw hanging out of the windows of the upper stories of the World Trade Center Towers, and, strangely, in some cases trying to take off their clothes, or, in some case, actually running and jumping out of them to a certain death. Of course, this could be rationalized by the heat and smoke from the fires from airplane fuel (which, let us remind ourselves, we're told softened the steel leading to the towers' collapse). But the problem here, as Dr. Wood pointed out, were all those "strangely toasted cars" far away from the World Trade Center. These, I believe, show all the signs of resonance effects (and a big clue here, one that Dr. Wood herself may have even missed, was aluminum). In any case, let's now suppose that what brought the Towers down was  a sophisticated directed energy weapon in the microwave frequency range, using interferometry on the towers themselves. This would make the interior, quite literally, an unbearable hell, a microwave oven, an effect intensified, as Dr. Wood points out, by wet clothing from the sprinkler system.

Of course, all of this is conjecture, but arguable conjecture, based on classes of evidence the 9/11 truthers don't want to talk about. But is there any corroborating evidence?

Enter News Corp, and its 9/11 hacking allegations. Even assuming that News Corp entered this phase of its intelligence gathering activities after 9/11 itself, by listening in to the phone conversations of the victims' family members, it might have learned things that could corroborate this scenario, including family members' testimony of their relatives in the towers, who might have been describing things they were experiencing that cannot be rationalized by the favored scenarios of the truthers, namely, demolition charges in the building, "nano-thermite" and so on, which a marvellous explanations indeed, except that they just don't do much to explain the comparative absence of rubble, and the strangely toasted cars.

If News Corp uncovered that sort of testimony and stored those types of transcripts in its corporate bunkers, it's small wonder that it touched a nerve, for that would mean that someone else was involved in the whole 9/11 disaster, someone with access to some extraordinary technologies, someone that might call into question even the supposition of the 9/11 truthers that our own government was involved at some level. Perhaps it was, but if Dr. Wood's scenario is true, and if News Corp stumbled across corroborating evidence of it, then someone else may be involved at the deepest level of them all.