August 29, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Amid a week that brought an apparent end to the forty-plus reign of terror of Mohamar Qaddafi in Libya, and an unusually strong earthquake to Virginia felt throughout the eastern freeboard of the USA, and a hurricane threatening the same entire east coast, all of which in turn have fueled the usual internet speculations of artificially caused earthquakes and weather, China and Japan have quietly let the American Empire know that the party days are over, just as it has expanded itself into Libya and seems poised on the cusp of further adventurism in Syria and the Middle East:

World leaders confer on debt crises this weekend

I have blogged previously on this site concerning the emergence of the BRICs nations- Brazil, Russia, India, and China  - as a counterbalancing power bloc to the United States, and the announcement of China and Japan both calling for the US to get its debt house in order is a stern warning from Asia two powerhouses, and presages a future strengthening of the Shanghai accords, with Japan set to gravitate ever more into the BRICs camp and away from the United States.

Enter the earthquake wars speculations: it is known that both Russia and Japan possesses ionospheric heater technology, and many suspect China does as well. For the sake of argument, let us assume that the recent east coast earthquake might be an example of its use, following as it does this stern warning from China and Japan. Let us assume, also for the sake of pure speculation and argument, that the track of Hurricane Irene is being manipulated. What possible message might be being sent, and who might be sending it?

In a USA increasingly under financial throes, two political parties unwilling to bite the bullet and reign in the Keynesianism-run-amok in B.O.'s hyper-dimensionally failed brain, the USA is ill-prepared to meet any large-scale disaster or emergency. China especially would have reason to send such messages, for they have lost a large stake of their investments with the collapse of Qaddafi's regime in Libya.

The message - if indeed there is any truth to the scenario at all - is quite simple: nothing can restructure an economy and its fiscal priorities faster than "natural disasters," and China also has an immediate conflict of interest with the USA, not only over the rapidly crumbling value of its dollar assets in the USA, but also over Taiwan, which China is committed to regaining, and the USA to protecting. Could such a scenario be true? Well, to my mind, and the data isn't fully "in" yet, is ..sure. The East coast earthquake, so we're told, occurred over three miles beneath the surface, and as far as the "news" media reported, not in an area of great tectonic activity. it was felt over a wide region and there were no casualties...all things that make me go "Hmmmm...."

Like the Japan quake and tsunami, we're left, however, with coincidences: Japan's quiet moves to distance itself from the USA, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates' barely disguised threat against Japan if it continued on that course, then...the tsunami and earthquake. Here, the show is on the other foot: the American-NATO ejection of Qaddafi, which was also an ejection of CHina from North Africa, the growing fiscal insanity in DC, warnings from China and Japan to get our fiscal house in order, then, an earthquake. While I remain skeptical, I'm open to the possibility that we've been witnessing some sort of "earthquake war" ever since the Haiti and Chile quakes. But the methods needed to prove such a thing far exceed a few blogs or talk show appearances.

One would have to correlate - if possible - the data from HAARP, Eiscat, the Japanese, Russian, and Chinese transmitters, and of course, those countries aren't cooperating. Additionally, one would have to establish, by careful research over time, the coincidence of such "natural events" with political statements and activities. Let it be noted carefully that neither I nor any researcher known to me has done this sort of research, for it would require publication in a book, not a blog.