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August 22, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

There is, as residents of South and North Dakota have known for decades, a vast oil reserve under the western parts of those states:

Massive Oil Deposit Could Increase US reserves by 10x

Development of these oil fields has finally begun, but all too slowly, and it's worth trying to explore the reasons why.

According to Brzegniew Zbginski, or whatever the hell his name is(could we please have some more vowels?) , the world is a "grand chessboard" upon which he and the western elite get to play Prince Metternich. The chessboard on which they get to play is Central Asia, home to massive oil reserves. The presence of this vast supply was the principal reason that the Soviet Union had to be ejected from Afghanistan. Then American power could be injected to protect the opium fields and the pipeline that Zbgbrzez (or whatever the hell his name is, I can never get it right) and his friends at Enron wanted to build from there through Pakistan to pipe billions of barrels of oil and such, to the beleagured and heroic West, and deny those energy reserves to our "enemies" (insert "China" and "Russia" here). All this, of course, was done in the name of combatting terrorism and creating a "unipolar world" in which American dominance of central Asia and the world's energy for decades to come, was assured. In order to make this supply more secure and to have a pincers movement to move into Iran if necessary, it was also necessary to invade Saddam Hussein & Sons, to prevent them from building weapons of mass destruction and harboring terrorists.

In the process, of course, we've made the Merry Mullahs of Tehran a little nervous(not a good idea as they're as nuts as the western elite), so they decided they'd like to have a-bombs, just in case. And just for kicks, Russia and China has informed Prince Zbginski, Blockheadefeller, & Assoc., that they would regard any attack on Iran as an attack on their vital interests.

The game plan is very clear, namely, that it is the policy of that elite to control and dominate, and thus, use, everyone else's energy reserves first, before using our own, thus assuring unipolar dominance for decades to come. The problem with this whole formula, besides its grandiose geopolitical delusion, is that Moscow and Beijing are chess players too, and are not playing along.

So why not develop the Dakota oil fields, bring the troops home, and create more jobs in the process? That would be sanity, but of course, if left to the insane visions of the delusional Brzezbg Niewinski (did I get that right yet?), it would mean we'd have to invade South and North Dakota, because they're developing weapons of mass destruction and harboring terrorists. Yes folks, it's that bad.