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August 2, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

We are entering the age of the directed energy weapon, and eventually, it may lead to the complete obsolescence of projectile weapons altogether. We officially entered this age, in my opinion, on Sept 11, 2001, with the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers. Here I must concur with Dr. Judy Wood, that these towers were brought down by some sophisticated directed energy weapon. And it would behoove us to pause and consider what type of weapon was indicated. The destruction that day was nothing less than mass destruction, and as any cursory study of Dr. Wood's evidence will demonstrate, this weaponry could have been deployed again and again that day, ultimately causing a level of strategic destruction similar to thermonuclear weapons. In short, what we are dealing with on 9/11 is an offensive strategic weapon of mass destruction, one making the thermonuclear arsenals of the nuclear powers obsolescent if not obsolete.

That we have entered this age is evident, I believe, in the increasing deployment of tactical and operational directed energy weapons. Consider the following article:

US Navy orders laser machine guns

Obviously, from the article, this is the extension of laser targeting on conventional weaponry. But the US Air Force already has flying and operational a modified Boeing 747 whose fuselage is filled with a chemical laser, capable of shooting down aircraft or missiles from approximately 200 miles (If I recall correctly). The point is, we are looking at the continuing Revolution in Military Affairs, but we are also, I think, looking at something else: the signs of the breakaway civilization of Mr. Richard Dolan.

Consider: the new military technologies coming on line are in the control of a very few, and this technology is continuing to progress at a furious pace. It will not be long before someone realizes, for example, that the new "invisibility" technologies might form a defense at least against laser weaponry, if not of the more sophisticated type of weapon Dr. Wood believes to have been used on 9/11. In short,we are looking at the beginning of a new type of arms race, one that will be waged largely in the secret laboratories of the various world powers and elite factions, and that will drive, even more acutely, the development of a two-tiered civilization, with those in possession of these sophisticated technologies fast outpacing the public civilization.