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September 19, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

In the run-up to the tenth anniversary of 9-11, Germany's popular magazine Der Spiegel carried the following interesting article:

Questioning 9/11 The Politician Turned Conspiracy Theorist

Andreas von Buelow is, as the article indicates, no ordinary conspiracy theorist, having been a cabinet minister for former Social Democratic Party governments in Germany. If you can imagine it, it would be like current CIA director Leon Panetta, after serving his term as CIA director and then retiring, coming out and writing a book saying he thinks elements of the American government or some even deeper rogue group plotted the 9-11  attacks, or President Sarkozy giving a press conference to say the same thing. As the article notes, Von Buelow, along with many other people the world over, questions whether or not Bin Laden's assassination in Pakistan was really even...well, real.

In short, Von Buelow is no frantic American talkshow host crooning frantic arias about the immanent doom of civilization at the hands of nefarious New World Order globalists plotting a fake war on terror.

But there are problems, and it is worth citing Der Spiegel's summary of Von Buelow's views:

"In Bülow's version of events, though, the intelligence services, particularly the CIA, display an almost inhuman degree of precision and competence. Not only did they allegedly control the terrorist planes remotely using special technology, but they also supposedly placed explosives on multiple floors of the World Trade Center towers in advance, to facilitate the buildings' peculiar controlled, vertical collapse. In the case of the Pentagon, they possibly directed a cruise missile into the building, while at the same time making the crew and passengers of Flight AA77, the plane officially believed to have hit the Pentagon, disappear without a trace. Along the way, they invented the story about the 19 terrorists, substantiating it with false witness testimony and strategically placed documents and evidence."

Add to this the significant statements of how a major European news magazine views American administrations:

"Over the past decades, successive US administrations have themselves certainly provided ample fodder for the formation of such views: the fable of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; the fact that it was American help that turned Afghanistan's mujahideen into the powerful force that later gave rise to the Taliban and al-Qaida; the Iran-Contra affair; the country's unscrupulous cooperation with dictators and coups; the Vietnam War. The US government and its intelligence services have been caught lying, deceiving and breaking international treaties so often that many people now believe anything is possible. This is the fertile soil that allows an interest in authors such as Bülow and Bröckers to thrive."

Well, as most of my readers know, I question even these sorts of "truther" scenarios concerning 9.11, the whole controlled demolition scenario so often bandied about in those circles as "explanations" for the collapse of the Twin Towers, for I have yet to read any of those explanations that do full justice to some of the witness statements, the toasted cars over a mile away, and so on, evidence assiduously collected by Dr. Judy Wood.

But the bottom line is this, if a senior German politician is willing to go public with doubts about the US government's official story, one can only imagine what is being said by the world's politicians in private, and what kinds of intelligence memoranda and analyses of the event they're reading. But one may lay good money that those analyses include at least some lines to the effect that America has, as a result of the events of 9-11, been under the control of forces increasingly scrambling to use the event to impose American will and policy. One can imagine that those analyses include words like "desperation", "over-extension", and, most of all, "long range prospects and counter-measures," and one can bet that the Russians in particular have parsed the event down to its last detail, and probably have a very clear picture of what happened...and so far, they're not talking. I imagine, however, that Von Buelow is the tip of a large iceberg, and that gradually, we will see more world leaders coming forward to question the whole official line.