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September 7, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well folks, my publisher has gone and done it again, by announcing a new book before I'm even done with it, but since he has, you might as well know what it looks like:


As I point out in the preface, the focus here is on the idea of a breakaway civilization itself: can such an idea be argued? And if so, what is the relationship of the Nazi component to the other components? What activities can be arguably and reasonably be traced to it. I state in the preface that this is not an exciting book, but it is a necessary one.Nonetheless I think people will be intrigued at the real historical origins of psyops in connection with advanced technologies, and about some unusual statements of T.T. Brown that sound almost as if he'd been reading Babylon's get the idea.

The book, I imagine, should be out ca. Dec. or Jan....