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September 23, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

I have in recent weeks been intermittently concerned with some disturbing features of the official 9-11 story, a story that does not, in my opinion, wash. What has always profoundly disturbed me was that the operation was conducted as strikes against symbols, not of American culture and achievement - we can easily imagine such structures - nor of American society or politics - and again, we can easily imagine such structures - but against symbols of American power, the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon (if, for the moment, we accept the official explanations for the sake of argument).

Consider only the symbolism of the World Trade Center Twin Towers, conceived under the inspiration of David and Nelson Rockefeller, themselves symbols of the American corporate-military-intelligence-banking complex. As such, the Towers represented a message. There is an additional symbolism, in that the Towers can stand as the Masonic Pillars Jachin and Boaz, found in any Masonic Blue Lodge. This symbolism has always bothered me, for while I put nothing past the machinations of the corporate elite, it always struck me as extremely incongruous that this elite should strike at such symbols of its own power in such an overt way, if the goal were simply to create, ala the scenario of the 9-11 truthers, a "new Pearl Harbor" to whip up enthusiasm for military adventurism in the Middle East. Almost any building could have done, why target the symbolic nerve center at all?

This thought has always led me to entertain the possibility that there may have been a third layer, deeply embedded within the other two, and operating unbeknownst to either, and striking at a symbol and visibly declaring war against the hidden faction it represented, namely, the "Rockefeller" interest, for want of a better expression. This could be, admittedly, almost anyone, but the symbolism does serve somewhat as a template to restrict possible contenders: the rival Rothschild interest and its deep ties to Israel, or, conversely, a group wanting to "pay back" the American power elite for "past wrongs done," and hiding behind terrorists, and, if Dr. Judy Wood is correct, with access to a sophisticated EM weapons technology. There are several candidates here: Russia, China, or even my hypothesized "Nazi International."

The symbolism struck that day  is corroborated by the Pentagon as well, an obviously occult shape, embodying the pentagram of Venus, another obvious Masonic connection, and yet another symbol of the hidden power that has so guided Anglo-American history, not to mention the obvious symbolism of the Pentagon as a symbol of American military power. This selection of symbols of financial and military power that are also deeply entwined with the symbolisms of Western esotericism has always argued, persuasively in my opinion, that the selection of targets was not the haphazard selection of radical Islamic terrorists; the calculated psychological effect here seems too deep for that. The symbolism suggests that a war was begun that day, an invisible war, which, were the truth to be known, would shock most Americans, and so it must be cloaked behind the cover story of a "war on terror" and an assymetrical, invisible enemy in possession of extraordinary technology. Consider only the fact that since then, the first level of that operation - the radical Islamic one - has only been able to mount the occasional attack with conventional bombs. Nothing like the sophistication suggested by the collapse of the Twin Towers. And since 9-11, we have had a number of suspicious "seismic events," first in Haiti, then in Chile...more recently, in Japan and Virginia.

I cannot shake the gut intuition that the invisible war that was begun that day has that New York City elite frantically scrambling to shore up the edges of the American empire, and that we have not seen the end of "strange events" and symbols that need to be carefully pondered.