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I will be speaking at the upcoming Alchemy Event in West Los Angeles on the weekend of Nov 11-13. I will be speaking on Saturday the 12th, and Sunday the 13th, and will also have a book booth where I will sell some of my book titles, and autograph books. Hope to see some of you there. Here's the link for more information:

Alchemy Event

10 thoughts on “UPCOMING EVENT”

  1. Aha!!! At the Alchemy Event site, where it shows the (formidable) list of Dr. Farrell’s books, the last one listed is:

    “Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Altars” (In Press, with co-author Scott D. de Hart)

    ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!!! So that’s the title of the new book with Dr. De Hart…..I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

    1. What’s a “grimoire.”

      Trans-humanism — ought, ought = watch out!

      Here come the guys in the white-coats with the butterfly nets for those who don’t like Trance-HUMANISM!

      “Specimens,” ANYONE?

    2. WHAT’S IN A NAME?

      I may be a little crazy ( I can hear someone saying, Just a Little?) but I like noticing particulars.

      De Hart _ Now that’ might be a good place to start something.

      Up the street is a pretty big Supermarket called FAIRPLAY (really is, I am not kidding you) I was annoyed about something ( I jsut got this book from the library titled ‘Annoying” up above the title are the words–The Science of What Bugs Us. Should be an interesting quick read?) —— and I responded to my wife, “OK now I’ll go-fer to the store or errand but instead of saying Fair-play I slipped and said, FOUL-PLAY!

      We both instantly started LAUGHING!

      I just thought it would be just another incident you might not want to know about?


  2. A 189 dollar one day fee. To me that is very steep but I imagine to others it’s probably a typical price. ( The speakers need to cover expenses )

    I remember hearing about and really wanting to attend a weekend long seminar with James Hillman and that poet who wrote Iron Man over at Brandis University in Mass. a few decades ago but they wanted something like 254 dollars (then) and they throw in couple of meals, big deal. I did without .

    There is not much quite like being there LIVE. So much is communicated besides the words we use. Having a PAUPER’S PURSE inhibits or prevents me from experiencing this SO-MUCH!

    OH WELL — that’s the breaks in life or cookies crumbling all the time!

    I wish I has ESP or some kind of PARANORMAL abilities.

    Then I could just read the speaker’s words and know. They did experiments on two continents — I think England and America. Those card-psi tests. They found out the counter and the reader don’t even have to be in the same room never mine country.

    Here’s what really gets to me about ESP? They found out the one flashing the card and the one reading doesn’t have to be at the same time. (All they have to be is in SYNC) So I could predict the outcome of cards you flashed yesterday or tomorrow. That drives me WILD!

    This Plasma theory about the Sun’s energy coming from a portal because of a particuliar spin which opens to another source of energy or DIMENSION is similar to what I think going on with GENUINE ESP TESTS.

    Screw all this astral projection OBE’S — I fantasize jumping, more like DIVING IN the water or RIVER or STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS or PHANTASMAGORIA, or WHATEVER and attending that Convention ESP STYLE, ha, ha!

    I also would like to take a short stroll along that tourist trap SANTA MONICA PIER again. Just to get out of this GUTTED city they call CHI-TOWN!

    Chi-Town is ok for BLACKS I imagine becaUSE they don’t feel so isolated as I imagine they might in Montana or Vermont.

    My skin colour is a little green with envy when I think of all the FUN they will be having at this gathering over at the City of Lost Angels.

    Then again, Like the Chinese quote someone posted here recently – BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR?


    I seem to faintly remember Farrell commenting on a Convention he attended not long ago (Conspiracy Theorist Tee-de-Tate?) where most the information or talk was 30 yrs old or OLD HAT, ha, ha!

    Hope you hear something new there and are INSPIRED to write about it like one of your fellow readers’ suggested?

    1. Also,

      Continue being a CAN-DO-IT and not a CON-DO-IT ( electrical-conduit)!

      Past the real LOW-DOWN to us your AUDIENCE. Then you might just go on continuing earning a living? What was this FUNDAMENTALISTs are now EYEBALLING you about?

      Keep on passing it on or sharing the LOW-DOWN and “THEY’ wont be able to CLOSE YOU DOWN!

  3. Hi Dr Farrell,
    Maybe a interview with Mr Walter Bosely and Mr Nick Redfern?

    Enjoy yourself but watch out for the tin foil hats:)

  4. I wish I could attend one of these things but I am doing good just to keep my van running and to make it across town and back right now.

    I hope this goes well. Cheers!

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