Cosmic Warfare


In case you haven't heard by now, a strange object, a kind of "Space Ball," dropped to the Earth in Namibia:

\"Space ball\" drops on Namibia

Now, note the fact that the article is reporting something that appears to be quite strange, namely, that several of these "space balls" appear to have crashed in southern Africa, Latin America, and Australia over the past twenty years! Strange, isn't it, that we've heard so little about this.

Moreover, the objects appear to be clearly machined, hollow, and are of an "alloy known to man," an equally strange wording; known to man since when? Why not come right out and say what the alloy is? The article is equally strange for the fact that the Namibian authorities apparently contacted NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) for help in determining what the strange ball may be, but there is no indication of their response. All we're told is that it is "not an explosive device."

Moreover, we're told that the authorities did some sort of tests on the ball, presumably to determine what it was made of, and possibly what was inside it, but there again, there is a paucity of information.

So, in the absence of information, we may speculate a bit.

We may assume first that the origin is either terrestrial, or extra-terrestrial. So the question then becomes, who on earth would be launching hollow metal spheres of "an alloy known to man" into space? For what reason? The expense of launching hollow spheres into space would seem prohibitive, if we are to assume that their "hollowness" contains no instrumentation. That isn't as far-fetched as it might seem, for there is nothing on the outside of the sphere to indicate that it does contain instrumentation. There are no apparent antennae. Granted, such would have burned up on atmospheric re-entry, but the "metal" of the sphere doesn't appear to show signs of high heat or atmospheric re-entry. I may be wrong here, and my eyes my be deceiving me (it's been known to happen before).

So that leave an extra-terrestrial origin of some sort, with equally challenging questions, raising equally challenging possibilities. Might we be looking at something like the space version of "buckshot", lots of hollow metal spheres put into near-Earth space simply to interfere with our satellites? Maybe. But probably not. Whoever launched these things may not even be around any more. After all, the "Space Ball" looks similar to those metallic spheres of great antiquity that I mentioned in The Cosmic War, spheres clearly machined, and clearly very old, found in - you guessed it - southern Africa.

The bottom line here is that the article has pointed out an anomaly, clearly indicated that it was tested to some degree, and that NASA and ESA were brought in on the find, and thus far, appear to be rather quiet about what they think it is.


  1. Robert Barricklow

    That’s amazing! I’ve got the same combination for my luggage! Prepare Spaceball 1 for immediate departure!”

    1. Thanks Jacob…. when I first scheduled this article none of that information was available, but I appreciate it…mystery solved….well, almost because you’ll note the article references several other such incidents. So, are ALL of these crashing spheres fuel tanks? And if so, what alloy are they made of that, in my opinion, isn’t showing any signs of burning or scorching on re-entry into the atmosphere. So, in my opinion, the mystery is only partially solved…

  2. I’m a bit skeptical. If it “fell from space,” it certainly shows no signs of that. It would have to be extremely tough not to deform to some extent on crashing into the ground. Was the photo taken where it fell, or was it moved first? There is no indentation on the ground, and if it was as big and heavy as the article states, it should have created more of a depression in the ground, especially if it was hard enough not to deform on impact.

    Falling from even a few thousand feet, much less space, it would have reached terminal velocity and have quite a bit of momentum.

    Did anyone actually see it fall, or is that just speculation?

    It is obviously machined – does it fit any known configuration for a piece of equipment which might either explode (notice the mention of explosions in the article) or come off an airplane? Could it have been thrown clear of an explosion of some piece of equipment nearby?

    Nothing is said about the surrounding area and what is located there. Anywhere near OTRAG facilities, or other such organizations? Perhaps a pressure vessel for spraying germs from a balloon? Gas vessel for a fuel-air bomb? Or maybe a pressure vessel for holding Swamp Gas to create mirages of Venus reflecting off a cloud layer.

    And the evidence of other such spheres from an internet search? Come on, folks – what search, what sources?Twitter? Facebook? Wikipedia?

    The whole thing sounds fishy. They do a month’s worth of research and this is what they come up with? Grade school could get more info than that in just one day on the internet, much less a month of research with such partners as NASA. NASA usually only stays silent on secret things. On anything else, they are anxious to get any positive press they can.

    I wouldn’t jump to any ET conclusions just yet….

  3. I remember reading about that in some book or other
    on anomolous archaeology finds deep in the ground;
    several of them, in fact.

    Your reasoning skills are excellent, Joseph.
    I would tend toward agreement on this one;
    but perhaps not necessarily extra-terrestrial…….
    certainly very old.

    1. Well, if they are same ‘spheres.’

      The pics look alike,
      but I remember the size of the ones that were dug up.

      1. I DON’T remember the size.

        My mother used to say that
        that meant you think faster than you write.

        I should hope so !

  4. Could be the remnants of ammo left from a space-based rail gun. They use hollow metal spheres. There may be some fluctuation in the Van Allen belts that draw these things down to a similar point on our planet. There’s so much black budget entailing so much speculation, that it’s hard to know the truth about anything anymore, which is a blatant coordinate, I feel.

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