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December 10, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

Well, the short answer to the title of this blog is, "no." But I have been inundated with a barrage of emails asking me what I thought of this idea in the past week, and I don't really know why. Well, the truth be told, I don't think much of it. To those of us like Igor Witkowski, or Nick Cook, Henry Stevens, or even me, who have tried our best to do actual research and to reverse engineer the possible physics, engineering, and personnel involved, I must confess that - having done years' of research on the topic - I find it mildly annoying and even insulting that there are those who, looking at all this research, dismissively incorporate it into their large scenarios of ET contact and disclosure, and do so without citing one shred of evidence or one detail to argue that case.

While these stories were definitely around prior to the appearance of Witkowski's, Cook's, Steven's or my books dealing with Nazi technology, what troubles me is that there now seems to be a more major effort either to detract from that body of research, or to tie it in with larger ET scenarios, and to once again invoke ET as an explanation for the incredible explosion of technology under the Nazis. Here, as is so often the case, one hears about "sources" and "insiders" who, of course, cannot be mentioned, who bolster the scenario in question. Like the Roswell story, some of this seems to have come forward in the last few years, decades after the actual technologies we talk about, and again, by "witnesses" with stories of ET contact, or, in yet another parallel with the Roswell story, reminiscences of stories told to them by others, now dead.

What we need, for the story to be true, is documentation that is indisputable in terms of provenance and authenticity, and thus far, it has not been forthcoming, though if the Roswell modus operandi holds true, we can expect such documentation to be mailed any time now, in a brown paper bag with an Albuquerque postmark on it, and no return address, from an anonymous whistleblower, as happened with the Cooper-Cantwheel set of MJ-12 documents. We may likewise expect it to be mailed, not to Mssrs. Witkowski, Cook, Stevens, or me, but to someone already invested in the ET hypothesis.

For my part, I simply have not found it necessary to invoke ET, for as I have tried to document, particularly in Secrets of the UNified Field, SS Brotherhood of the Bell, and The Philosophers' Stone, there are three strands that in my opinion go to inform the conceptualization behind the Bell project: (1) the physics background of unified field theory papers in the 1920s-1930s, (2) the engineering papers of Gabriel Kron from the same period, and (3) the esoteric or occult influences at work within the SS, particularly in the work of SS Bridagefuehrer Karl Maria Wiligut. If the basic conceptualization can be found there, why does one need ET?

And the answer is, of course, one doesn't. I would certainly like to be able to write everything off with the dismissive claim to an ET or "insider intelligence source," because that would sure simplify research and surely be a lot less expensive and a lot easier on my pocketbook: Q: Why were the Nazis researching rotating electrically stressed plasmas as a source of zero point energy transduction? A: ET crashed a saucer and the Nazis back-engineered it. Q: Why was there such an explosion of electronics miniaturization in Nazi Germany? A: ET crashed a saucer and the Nazis back-engineered it. Q: Why did the Nazis develop digital computers under Konrad Zuse? A: ET crashed a saucer and the Nazis back-engineered it. Q: Why did the Nazis develop infrared sites, particle accelerators, lasers, isotope enrichment and (insert your favorite Nazi technology here). A: ET crashed a saucer and the Nazis back-engineered it. Q: Why was the Tiger and King Tiger tank so superior in firepower to Allied or Soviet tanks? A: ET crashed a saucer and the Nazis back-engineered it. Etc etc &c blah blah blah.

I know, I'm beginning to sound like Colonel Corso, and that's my point, because in a certain sense we have him to thank for all this nonsense (and please don't invoke his hidden manuscript that's floating around out there, I already have a copy). ET isn't an answer, it's only the desperate attempt of some to keep a mythology alive. But my suggestion to that crowd is that they should, in their numerous contacts with our visitors, suggest to them that they (our visitors) should really get a better flight school program in place for their UFO pilots, and avoid all these crashes which we and the Nazis apparently are happily back-engineering. Indeed,these people are only to happy to invoke ET at every appearance of any sort of unusually advanced human technology, and even more so when confronted by detailed research, and then in the ultimate volte face, they pirouette on their points and their tights (no wonder I don't like ballet) and fall back on the technical rationalizations of a Witkowski, or a Cook, or a Stevens, or myself, to account for the actual nuts and bolts rationalization of the technology itself. And that rationalization, like it or not, was, is, and will always remain, terrestrial.