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December 12, 2011 By Joseph P. Farrell

The after-effects of World War Two linger on, this time, in a news story about the German Bundesnachrichtendienst, Germany's CIA/KGB/Mossad/MI-6(I am grateful to Mr. V.T. for sharing this news item with me):

German intelligence service slammed for destroying files on Nazi past

As the article points out, files on employees of the BND - successor to Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen's Fremde Heere Ost or Foreign Armies East - who had Nazi pasts were shredded by the BND in 2007. Well, if we, and for that matter, the German Bundestag committee overseeing the BND, are to believe the BND's story, the whole matter was simply due to the BND getting rid of documents that were no longer needed in its archives.  True enough, we might think; intelligence agencies acquire reams of information of all kinds and quickly fill their archives and periodically do such "dumps" of their excess archives. No big surprise there.

Except in this case, the files were of BND agents that were Nazis. Nazis in the service of the same Nazi general who became the first head of the BND after its informal status was "normalized" after West Germany was created. Let's note the date of the article: Nov 30, 2011. IN other words, it was reported while Europe is in a financial meltdown, and while Germany itself seems to be the only viable economy on that otherwise financially besieged continent.

So the timing makes me extraordinarily suspicious, for the only other reason that could possibly justify such document shredding is simply because there was still, to this very day, something about the BND's history and connection with Nazism that makes it sensitive, and necessary to destroy. True enough, the shredding was done in 2007, but the story comes out now.

I have long maintained the suspicion, and it's only that, a suspicion, that the current European meltdown seems a bit oddly coincidental, that the only country thus far not engulfed in the debt conflagration is...Germany. It behooves us to remember that Martin Bormann's "postwar plan" included the idea of a European Federation that Germany would be able to dominate by "elastic political" means, means which, in the financially-gifted Bormann's view, included finance.It's all purely coincidental, of course, that it seems to be Berlin that is calling the shots in Europe...for the moment....