Joseph comments about Yahweh The Two-Faced God, and the recent assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist and the geopolitical possibilities behind it:

14 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JAN 12 2012”

  1. I would not rule out elements within Iran itself being behind these events.My thinking is twofold.

    First, an Iranian bomb would trigger an arms race in the Gulf; Saudi Arabia might have financed the Pakistani bomb, but they would feel very uneasy about the Iranians having one and would probably go nuclear themselves. And so on. Also, having the bomb makes you a legitimate nuclear target for US and Israeli nukes, and there Iran does not have so much to put on the table. So, Iran’s strategic situation is probably better off without than with nukes. Really, the only reason for Iran to get nukes is that they feel threatened by an attack.

    Second, nuclear weapons are also seen as an attractive way for politicians in developing countries to sidestep their armed forces. A nuclear force, especially if only consisting of a few weapons, are easier to place under party control than the armed forces. Thus an Iranian bomb would probably be placed under the control of the Revolutionary Guards, or even under a special command with close ties to the clerics. This would increase their power vis-a-vis the society in general and the armed forces in particular.

    Thus, for an Iranian military man the prospect of Iran going nuclear can be almost as bad as it is for Israel or the US; or Russia. Not only will Iran end up in a strategically worse position, but his own branch will be marginalised in favour of the ayatollahs. And for the Iranian general such assassinations would have the added benefit that they can be blamed on the external enemy and used as a psychological and political weapon.

  2. All this talk of ‘nuclear war’ bothers me because it is
    quite moot.
    Microwave weapons were used in the original Gulf War
    and progress has marched on and that was not even
    up to date at that time.
    Why create an uninhabitable world when you can beat it all
    without doing that?

    Lotsof general confusion, I think,
    because there is so much still unknown or
    unacknowledged, extremely and VERY hush hush !
    So let’s not speak of it [on my part] again,
    even as I see it has started.

  3. In terms of cui bono (most) and occams razor, Israel is still suspect number one. Why would the Russians get their hands dirty when the Israeli’s are going to do it anyway?

  4. Oh gosh, another Capricorn?
    And you’re nothing like my daughter.
    Anyway, Happy B-Day, Joseph,
    belatedly, I guess.

    That area of the world is so convoluted, messed up,
    unstructured and in such absolute chaos,
    it’s a true mathematical fractal as well as a perfect
    system of chaos.

    I once pondered something about that part of the
    planet, did some strange math in my head and
    came up with the area as a spatial focal point
    [there were three points] involving two systems
    in our space backyard.
    I had a eureka moment and then the mundane prevailed.
    On with life !

    If it really meant/means anything, I’m sure I’ll get it again.
    It’s in there, somewhere !

      1. My thought at that time was broader and would seem
        to fall under an ‘alchemical’ process; but then, all is science,
        really !

        Yes, despite serious illness I will recover.
        Can’t leave until I understand and can connect all
        the dots.

      2. The whole thing shot by me again,
        but alas, too fast to catch.

        It has to do with the mass & gravity interactions
        and centers of, the Sun, Moon & Earth.

        I was reading on pendulums when it flew by,
        as in focal point….
        It was a [flying] triangle.
        No. No wings.

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