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January 16, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

As most of you know, I am a subscriber to The Daily Bell our of Great Britain. I find its analysis timely, provocative, and more often than not, accurate. With that in mind, I want to draw your attention to this recent analysis of the Middle East:

Truth About Middle East is Spreading

The crux of Wile's analysis, at the risk of your having to read part of the article again, is here:

"Finally, there is a theory that has been advanced that we have offered in the past, which has to do with the establishment of a kind of Islamic "crescent arc" in the Middle East and Upper Africa. We've written about this numerous times and you can see our articles if you do an Internet search on the terms "Islam crescent arc" and "Daily Bell."

"This argument has to do with the idea that the Anglosphere seeks a wider war on terror in the Middle East and is actively aiding Islamic regimes in order to create this war. While this may sound far-fetched to some, the various regimes that have been destabilized by so-called youth movements (controlled it seems out of Foggy Bottom and Britain) are all secular. And the replacement regimes are all Islamic.

"There is a great deal of turmoil and war now taking place in the Middle East and Africa. It is perfectly possible that one single explanation cannot fully encompass the strategic plans of the power elite that is evidently and obviously behind a lot of troubles there.

"What does seem clear – to me anyway – is that the problems in that troubled part of the world are growing more severe rather than less. For whatever reason, or reasons, the power elite seems to want to ratchet up tensions and that determination seems stronger as time goes by."

As Dr. de Hart and I point out in our recent little book Yahweh The Two-Faced God, however, the Three Great Yahwisms constitute a major obstacle on the road to a global new world order, since the truth claims of each are mutually exclusive of the others, and each is represented in the Middle East. But in addition to constituting obstacles, that also constitute the matrix of dialectical crisis management. As we observe in that book at some length, all prophecy is self-fulfilling, and thus the expectations of those three Yahwisms also represent opportunities for the powers that be to engineer a situation that will deal with all three of them - and Russia and China - all at once. In short, prophecy, in addition to geopolitics, may constitute part of the geopolitical playbook and planning. In short, by the nature of the case, we must assume that the Three Great Yahwisms and their influence on people's perceptions of events will be factored in by the Western elite as a variable in the calculus of their strategic planning, just as I mentioned yesterday how the role of Orthodoxy informs the culture of Russian nationalistic resurgence.

So I have to concur with Wile's analysis as far as it goes, but respectfully submit that there may be a much deeper agenda in play, and one very old in the making indeed, one that is indeed geopolitical, in the guise of religion.