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February 23, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell's one that will really get people who've been following my research on the Nazi Bell project thinking, so for those of you familiar with that research, as you read the following article from, think of Dr. Kurt Debus, of "magnetic fields separation," and of Dr. Ronald Richter, and his rotating and electrically stressed plasmas (and recall that years before the Castle Bravo test, Dr. Richter had indicated the nature of lithium-7 fusion reactions, relegating the USA's rather lame attempts to explain the runaway Castle Bravo test to the fact that it had not factored in the lithium-7 reaction into the same category as the Warren commission's magic bullet theory...I mean, c'mon folks, Teller and Co. didn't know or simply forgot about these reactions and consequently didn't factor them into their yield calculations while a Nazi scientist in Argentina in 1951 already did???? Give me a break!)....well, sorry for that little outburst of a digression, so back to the idea of magnetic fields separation, plasmas, and electrical stress:

Plasmas torn apart: Physicists make discovery that hints at origin of phenomena like solar flares

Now, let's read those paragraphs again:

"The source of that storm—and others like it—was the sun's magnetic field, described by invisible field lines that protrude from and loop back into the burning ball of gas. Sometimes these field lines break—snapping like a rubber band pulled too tight—and join with other nearby lines, releasing energy that can then launch bursts of plasma known as sol ar flares. Huge chunks of plasma from the sun's surface can zip toward Earth and damage orbiting satellites or bump them off their paths.

"These chunks of plasma, called coronal mass ejections, can also snap Earth's magnetic field lines, causing charged particles to speed toward Earth's magnetic poles; this, in turn, sets off the shimmering light shows we know as the northern and southern lights.

"Even though the process of field lines breaking and merging with other lines—called magnetic reconnection—has such significant effects, a detailed picture of what precisely is going on has long eluded scientists, says Paul Bellan, professor of applied physics in the Division of Engineering and Applied Science at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech)."

And let's not forget this:

"The experiment requires 200 million watts of power to produce jets that are a scorching 20,000 degrees Kelvin and carry a current of 100,000 amps. To study the jets, Moser used cameras that can take a snapshot in less than a microsecond, or one millionth of a second."

Now, if this is sounding familiar, it should, for as I outlined in Secrets of the Unified Field, the Nazis built an entire electrical power plant within hundreds of yards of the site where the Bell, which I also outlined utilized plasmas - in my opinion formed from some compound of mercury and thorium-229 isomer (another long story which I won't get into here but which I outlined in The Philosophers' Stone) - and, like Farnsworth, constructed the Bell device to rotate the plasma compound between cathode and anode (like Farnsworth, whom we talked about yesterday), and then subjected this whole witches' brew to the shock of high electrical tension (provided by the conveniently located electrical power plant). Note also that the temperatures here are similar to those employed by Dr. Ronald Richter in his Argentine fusion research project. All of this, it will be recalled in the Nazi Bell project, was rationalized by Dr. Kurt Debus (remember him? Oh yea, he was the Nazi Rocket scientist who ended up as a senior flight administrator for NASA at Cape Canaveral during the Apollo program, except, oh yea, he wasn't a rocket scientist at all, but specialized in high tension and its measurement),who coined the phrase "magnetic fields separation" when doing his plasma research - there's that word again - for the Third Reich.And oh yea, note that bit about the camera, and recall that Dr. Richter, by his own words, stated that he had to develop a special camera to study the effects he was producing in his 1936.

Perhaps the article gives the game up when it notes the following:

"As in all electrical currents, the flowing electrons in the plasma jet generate a magnetic field, which then exerts a force on the plasma. These electromagnetic interactions between the magnetic field and the plasma can cause the jet to writhe and form a rapidly expanding corkscrew. This behavior, called a kink instability, has been studied for nearly 60 years, Bellan says."(Emphasis added)

Lessee now, the article on was dated Feb 15, 2012. So, doing the simple arithmetic, 2012-60=1952, just right about the time (actually, a year after the time) that Dr. Ronald Richter's fusion project was shut down by Juan Peron. Then there's this little statement:

"What Moser and Bellan realized is that the kink instability creates conditions that give rise to a Rayleigh-Taylor instability. As the coiled plasma expands—due to the kink instability—it accelerates outward. Just like a passenger being pushed back into the seat of an accelerating car, the accelerated plasma is pushed down on the vacuum behind it. The plasma tries to swap places with the trailing vacuum by forming ripples that then expand—just like when gravity forces a heavy fluid to try to change places with a light fluid underneath. The Rayleigh-Taylor instability—as revealed by the ripples on the trailing side of the accelerating —grows in about a microsecond.(emphasis added)

"'People have not observed anything like this before,' Bellan says.

Oh really?