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March 18, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I wrote about my home state's bill against the imposition or special consideration by our courts of any religious system of law, such as sharia. There, I warned about the dangers of the precedent being established by some courts willing to consider Sharia, in that this would open the floodgates for the imposition of other systems. Well, consider this announcement carefully:

Chabad to hold 17th conference on Talmud and law

Now, in case you missed it, ponder that one section again, that speaks of the special topics and sessions to be covered:

"The topics of this year's conference include 'The Bin Ladin Killing: Extra Judicial Execution and Incarceration In Judaic Law,' 'The Ethics Of Lawyerly Advice: Vigorous Counsel Or Suborning Perjury?' 'A Critical Analysis of Talmudic Citations in American Judicial Opinions' and 'An Examination of American Codes of Professional Ethics from a Perspective of Jewish Law.'"

Now, I'm certainly no specialist in the Talmud or "Extra-Judicial Execution and Incarceration," but the mere mention of such a thing as if it were a special topic of a particular religious tradition should give anyone concerned about the erosion of our liberties due pause, for it highlights the implication that I addressed yesterday, that in addition to the impetus of the national security-state, elite-driven "directed historical narratives" we may add to the list perhaps some hidden or little-guessed at players, namely, a tradition of religious sanction of extra-judicial "procedures" like execution and incarceration. So much the better for the national security state if, in its desperate search for justifications of these types of "procedures" it can cloak them in the mantle of religious respectability, notwithstanding all the cognitive dissonance that stems from that Janus-like god and tradition. As Dr. de Hart and I pointed out once again in Yahweh the Two-Faced God, this cognitive dissonance is inherent to these systems.