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June 29, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

There's an interesting article from the 6th of this month over at RT TV.com, on the recent post-election-victory visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Beijing. And this one is really worth paying attention to:

Russia and China cement business alliance

I hope you caught those three final paragraphs and weighed them carefully:

"Last year Russia supplied 15 million metric tons of crude oil through exclusive pipelines, and the two countries are in talks to reach a similar agreement to supply Russian natural gas to energy-hungry China.
The Russian delegation included the heads of Russia’s energy giants Gazprom, Rosneft and Transneft, and other major Russian business people. While energy is high on the agenda, a long-anticipated gas deal that could see Russia supply 70 billion cubic meters of gas a year directly to China, was not signed due to pricing disagreements, Gazprom said on Monday.

"Beijing is also looking clinch agreements on high-end military technology which Moscow which have been withheld so far, according to analysts.
Russia and China have also signed a cooperation agreement between the Skolkovo Foundation and the Beijing-based Z-Park. The agreement marks a transition to full-scale collaboration in high technologies between the two countries.

"Among reported deals to be inked during the visit is a joint project to develop a new long-haul aircraft by Russia's Ilyushin and China's Comac."

In other words, (1) Russia is quickly becoming one of the world's major energy and petroleum producers; (2) China is turning anywhere and everywhere to acquire sophisticated military technology, combining the best features of other nations' military expertise, much as the USA did during and after World War Two, learning much from its allies and former enermies, (3) Russia and China plan to enter the commercial aircraft industry in a major way, not good news to aerospace giants like Boeing or Airbus.

Note also that the Chinese are now becoming major investors in Russia, and in my opinion, this is very significant. While China will not turn away from its American consumers, it is signalling by this move that it is "diversifying its portfolio" and manuevering very competently to become the center of the so-called and much-touted BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China).

And this may be the hidden story behind the desperation in Europe to keep the EU afloat and Germany at the center of it, for consider, if the EU dissolves, then Germany, already a major trading partner with Russia and China, would gravitate inevitably to the BRICs' orbit, an even bigger disaster for the West than the current debt crisis. IN any case, Mr. Putin and Mr. Jintao will continue to move closer to each other and to the other nations of the emerging BRICS bloc, and in the final analysis, one cannot really blame them. It gives new meaning to Sir Halford MacKinder's geopolitical axiom, that he who controls the Eurasian heartland controls the world, and whatever else Mssrs. Putin and Jintao were discussing behind closed doors, you can bet some of it includes their long term strategy for the west and the elites whom both men know wrought such devastation on their respective countries.

See you on the flip side.