July 31, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I raised the philosophical speculation that if there are psychological operations connected to stories of the recovery of crashed UFOs, then the targets may not necessarily be human at all. This, as the careful reader will have surmised, contains two more implicit premises:

(1) That said governments had had at least some sort of "contact"; and

(2) that this contact was sustained over a long enough period of time to be able to build up a "psychological profile" of the ultimate target of the operation, and that the target indeed had enough similarity to humanity to be the target of such psychological techniques(which, of course, raises even thornier philosophical issues).

And finally, there is a third implicit premise:

(3) that normal human terrestrial channels would be sufficient to "reach" such a target audience. This last implies that the governments thus engaged in this putative activity would be unlikely to engage in such an operation through any channels accessible to the bulk of the population, or if they did, such an operation would have to be disguised in such a fashion that the bulk of the population was not aware of it.

Now I am going to propose another radical speculation, and, for me, it truly is radical and wildly speculative, since, as most people here know, I tend to be very skeptical towards the claims of ET presence(s). Let us suppose, however, that (1)above is true, and that there has been some sort of contact with one "ET" or "interdimensional" species, but no more. Suppose, moreover, that this contact convinced whatever human government as had it that this "ET" or "interdimensional" species was very advanced, technologically. Human governments would, I believe, be forced into a position to "bluff", not only about their technology, but about where they had acquired it.

They thus might be tempted to invent other "ET" races or "interdimensional species" and to credit them with equally advanced technology, which humans have either reverse engineered or acquired through other means (negotiation, theft, alliance, etc).

In short, once we entertain the subject of psychological operations in connection with UFOs, we are confronted with the same sorts of problems that, inevitably, professional military wargamers and scenario gamers would have to game out. Thus, we may not be looking at psychological operations narrowly confined to the subject of crashed UFOs, but also at psychological operations coupled directly to the "pantheon" of various "ET species."

Redfern has, as always, managed to raise very significant philosophical questions with respect to the UFO topic, and once again managed to point out just how important and significant the whole UFO problem really is even from a philosophical point of view, regardless of where one stands on the spectrum of "ET belief" to "ET skepticism.."

See you on the flip side.