July 27, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

As I mentioned yesterday in my News and Views from the Nefarium, July 26, 2012, the unraveling of the "official line" of what happened during the Batman Movie Theater Murders is happening almost as soon as the cloth is woven. The bizarre anomalies surrounding James Holmes, the alleged perpetrator, only grow, and we all know, by now, what at least a few of them are. But now there's this rather stunning revelation:

KingCast and Mortgage Movies remain pensive as James Holmes' father, Robert Holmes, is set to provide crippling info. on Libor & other banking scandals.

If true, then there would not only appear to be connections between James Holmes and various mind control projects - connections that I outlined yesterday in my News and Views - illustrated by his bizarre behavior, and his sudden "expertise" in constructing a heavily booby-trapped apartment (expertise that at some point would have required exposure to explosives and bomb-making experts, if not actual training by them), illustrated not only by his interest in "neuroscience," but now, if the allegations in the above article are true, by connections of his father, Robert Holmes, to DARPA and to a computer tracking program that, allegedly, could track all sorts of financial malfeasance, including the fraud committed by major banks in relationship to the LIBOR scandal.

This calls for a bit of "rethink" on my part of the speculations I offered yesterday. Let's look first at the claim of the article that Robert Holmes was preparing to testify about the fraud surrounding LIBOR rate fixing, and his possession of financial tracking software. This is not, of course, the first time one has heard of such tracking software. In fact, if you've been following the INSLAW scandal since it first burst on the scene with the theft of PROMIS database management software by the Reagan era Justice Department in the early 1980s, such a financial tracking capability has been in the hands of government agencies since the 1980s, thus rendering false any claim that no one really knows where all that bailout money went, and thus rendering calls for an audit of the Federal Reserve moot, since some agencies of the government would have been doing daily monitoring of the bank on a daily basis since the INSLAW affair. One must also recall that the allegations and investigations of INSLAW's founder, Mr. William Hamilton, and his hired researcher, the late journalist Danny Casolero, indicated that the software had been modified by the NSA and CIA, thus given those two agencies financial monitoring capabilties, and it would beggar the imagination to assume, with the vast data-mining and processing capabilities of the NSA and its electronic communications, that agencies such as SWIFT, CHIPS, and other banking transfer agencies would not be surveilled.  These points raise, of course, the question long pondered by researchers: does the private money power hold sway over the government, or vice versa, for obviously, any ability to track large scale financial fraud or malfeasance would be a powerful blackmail tool in the hands of those with access to it. From this point of view, the secretive Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and international "central banks" like the IMF, World Bank, and Bank of International Settlements, would leak information to such tracking programs like leaky sieves.

We need to factor another, perhaps excessively subtle, point here, and that is that in a certain sense, the recent financial crisis can be viewed as an attack on the central banks by the larger banks, brokerage houses, and so on, which, by using high frequency trading, low interest rates, and dubious (and I would frankly say, fraudulent) credit "instruments" like credit default swaps and derivatives, have been attacking the credit supply. Whether this is mere theater - after all, the large banks and the central banks overlap in terms of personnel and agendas -  or a genuine real financial war between the two, remains to be seen. I frankly suspect an element of both is involved.

Into this situation steps the new allegations, that Robert Holmes was about to blow some significant lid off the LIBOR scandal. We assume here, for the sake of argued speculation, that it is, and ask the question: who then, would be behind the Batman murders, and why? Was it to deflect attention, to divert the alleged testimony of Robert Holmes from occurring by distracting him with a family crisis, and, in that case, a not-so-subtle-warning from the financial community? My difficulty with this view is that, if that were the point of it, then that community has already abjectly failed in their goal, for now attention will be focused on the possible connections between the event and the banksters.

Which leaves, to my mind, two other possibilities: that it is a distraction for something else, or, finally, that one faction within the globalist oligarchy is actually attacking another, and that the event was designed to draw into focus the corruption of the banksters and the full implications of the LIBOR scandal. If the latter, then one cannot rule out some other major players.... By the nature of the case, those major players would

1) have to have access to sophisticated financial tracking,

2) have to have access to sophisticated mind manipulation technology and techniques, and

3) have some prior grievance or injury from the international bankers to be willing to draw attention to them in such a fashion.

If these, or indeed, other possibilities are entertained, if the allegations in the article that I have linked are true, then indeed, the whole tragic affair has taken a very dark and murky turn, and only further research will exhibit which of these possibilities, if any, are the likely candidates.

My thanks to P.H. and V.T. and many others who brought this article to my attention.

See you on the flip side.