August 6, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

This last week I received an interesting, nay, intriguing email from a regular visitor to this website, we'll call him Mr. P.T., who sent me the following email:

"Dr Farrell,

"Webster Tarpley has instituted a series of prizes, implemented by week, day or by hour as necessary.  Ribbentrop Prize, Goebbels Prize, etc..

"I propose that you institute a similar prize regime:  Yahweh Prize for evil manipulation of humanity,  DARPA Prize for best cover-up of alternative technology, Tesla Prize for distinguished achievement in ‘Open System’ energy, (etc)

You get the idea."

Well folks, I love Tarpley's (and my regular's) idea, and here is a short list of awards that I wanted to run past everyone:

  1. The Goebbels Prize for Most Outrageous Piece of Propaganda Codswallop(see yesterday's blog),
  2. the Ribbentrop Prize for Invincible Geopolitical Insanity(Zbigniew Brzezinksi's The Grand Chessboard has to be at the top of the list of contenders for this illustrious award)...
  3. The Yahweh Prize for Most Morally Conflicted Special Message from God( I can't wait to hear everyone's nominations for this one),
  4.  the Eric Holder Prize for Most Fouled-up Government Covert Operation(I would certainly entertain Mr. Holder as a contender for the Von Rompuy-Merkel Award, see below, #11),
  5. the Pelosi Prize for Most Egregious Dirty-in-the-middle of the night closed session vote,
  6. the Halliburton-Cheney Award for Most Blatant Example of Unpunished Corporate Corruption (or we might want to call it the LIBOR-Barclay Award, here the possibilities are virtually limitless: JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, Bernanke, Goldman Sachs, AIG, heck... we could even go as far back as Robert Vesco and Bernie Cornfeld....),
  7. The Clinton-Bush-Obama Hall of Fame for Most Corrupt Leadership,
  8. the Darwin-Einstein Award for Most Dogmatic Statement from a Scientist,
  9. the Falwell-Scofield Prize for Most Egregious Theological Nuttery,
  10. the Von Schlieffen-Samsonov-Custer Honorarium for Military Operation Gone Most Horribly Wrong(A special award reflecting the new spirit of international cooperation of former enemies, as indicated by the name. Operation Iraqi Freedom would be my first nomination),
  11. the Von Rompuy-Merkel Award for Most Inhuman and Unresponsive Bureaucrat or Politician(Brussels gets my vote here, followed closely by Washington DC, but we can be specific, and nominate particular bureaucrats, or agencies),
  12. The Piltdown Prize for Best Scientific Forgery and Doctored Data(I can immediately think of one nominee here),
  13. the Rockefailure-Rottenchild Fellowship for Most Ludicrious Idea from an Oligarch(remember folks, that one of the Rottenchilds, a few years back, thought to curb global warming by stockpiling dry ice! I kid you not)...
  14. The Kammler-DARPA Award for Kookiest Technology and/or Technique(My nomination here would be that story I blogged about a few weeks back, where DARPA wanted to learn how to tell stories ala weaponizing Grimm's Fairy Tales, although, tomorrow, as we shall see, there is another possibility)
  15. The Himmler-Blavatsky Fellowship for Most Outrageous New Age Quackery (I am torn here, because my nominee for the Piltdown Prize for Best Scientific Forgery would also qualify for this prestigious prize too).
  16. The Lindsey-Adamski Award for Failed Predictions (another example of cross-disciplinary cooperation, this time between "theology" and ufology: and oh the nominees are virtually endless here, but we needn't stick to ufological or theological predictions, we could easily include politics);
  17. the Castle-Bravo-Earl Warren Prize for Most Erroneous Scientific Calculation and Outrageous Explanation After-the Fact (oh the possibilities are ENDLESS here!)

Well as you can see...the possibilities are endless, and there's sure to be no lack of weekly, and I'll wager, even daily contenders. And we could actually have some fun with this, mailing in your nominations for the prize of the month (or for that matter, the names of the awards themselves... I'm just brainstorming and thinking out loud here).

The prizes will be awarded as opportunity and occasion arise, and please, by all means, feel free to email your prize names and nominations. The prizes say it all, about our world...

See you on the flip side