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This just was emailed to me by Mr V.T., and in the light of the News and Views from the Nefarium which I just completed, it calls for some commentary. First, the article:

Russia is disengaging from Syria: Arms shipments stopped, warships exit Tartus

I believe it would be a mistake, a huge mistake, to view this as Russian "appeasement" of the West, even though it does signal a green light for the West to continue the dismemberment of Syria. Of course, it won't be called that, but that it what it will amount to, particularly if Turkey occupies the northern Khurdish regions.

In the wake, however, of what I just outlined on the News and Views from the Nefarium for today, that the West may be adjusting its geopolitical gameplan to include a more direct covert assault on Russian interests in the region, if not Russia itself, then the move makes some sense, and indeed, tends to confirm the analysis I offered. It would be a disastrous miscalculation if Western oligarchs assumed this was weakness on Mr. Putin's part, for if true, it merely means that Russia is again playing a long-term game, one in which he banks on the insane rapacity of Western leaders and their geopolitical game to become increasingly apparent.


  1. I think Debka is not a very serious source. However, if NATO special forces and covert operation started to close dangerously to the Russian base there, under disguise of rebells, Russians may take some measures to protect their assets to possible attacks.

    My opinion is that the most important thing that keep Assad going on and still in power is Syrian WMD.

    Syria is a different case then Iraq and Lybia in some asspects, and Assad is not stupid and he know what happened to Saddam and Gaddafi.

    So, he made and kept a chemical (and even biological, i think i saw somewhere) arsenal, as well enough Scud rockets.

    Sure, those are not very accurate, but are more then enough to hit bigger targets like cities. And the problem is that Israel is a neighbour of Syria and very well in range of Syrian rockets.

    If Assad have the control of those rockets, and he see the end for him is near (as in Saddam or Ghadaffi case) he may very well order a full scale attack against Israel.
    Its enough that few rockets to pass the defences and blow up over some Israeli cities. Biological weapons (and in some degree the chemical ones too) can spread much more then impact point. And even if at first the effects are much smaller then a nuclear explosion, in the long run they can affect more people.
    Israel is a small country, and such chemical and biological attack can have disastruos consequencens for it.

    And situation is diferent then first Gulf war, when Saddam was threatened with nuclear wepons if he use his chemical ones. Because now, Israel is too close to Syria, and a radioactive cloud push wrong by the wind can come over Israel. And second, because the entire Middle East might explode in chaos if such weapons will be used.

    Thats way NATO dont rush there and probably try first to secure that Syrian arsenal, or provoke the fall of Asad from whitin, with a “popular rebellion”.
    Syria is the last bastion before Iran, with who form a shiite alliance from Mediterana to Afghanistan, including parge parts of Iraq and Liban.

    This make problems for Sunit Arabs and even for Turkey, and coupled with Iran oil and gas resources is a complicated problem. Things can go even further, and reach the oil and gas routes from Caucasus and Caspian Sea to Europe (which are mostly under Russian control).

    Those can be changed if Iran is “democratized”, as well Syria, so the oil can flow from Azerbaidjan (even Kazahstan) and Iran through Syria and taken by oil tankers to reach Europe on Mediterana. Or by land routes mostly, like Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and then western Europe.

    All this eliminating Russian control of those routes. I think this is the main reason Russia keep that port and supposrt Assad.
    And of course eliminating a major problem for Israel, a little country with a huge weight and influence internationally, especially in US and some western Europe countries

  2. The Russians have solar physicists / astronomers, too.
    It reads better than palms and tea leaves………….

  3. veterans today (dot) com/2012/06/21/putin-in-tel-aviv-sharpening-the-knife/

    veterans today (dot) com/2012/07/10/israel-and-russia-new-best-friends/

  4. That news about Russia disengaging is a ploy. A scrambled message with about 80 percent verified truth and 20 percent of: ‘Oh,
    I see.’ It is being reported off Debka (known MI6/Mossad counter-intelligence.

    Burp. Excuse me.

  5. Hey Doc! If you’re censoring my comments by keyword just tell me and I won’t comment again dude!

  6. Not convinced by this article at all: “Aug. 22, Commander of the Russian Navy Vice Adm. Viktor Chirkov said that if the fighting in Syria reached Tartus, Moscow may decide to evacuate the base. He stressed that this decision would have to be taken on the authority of President Putin. He was the first Russian official to suggest the possibility of an evacuation.
    A week later, Aug. 28, Russian chief of staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov denied anything had changed in the working procedures of Russian military personnel in Syria or that there were any plans to evacuate the Russian naval base in Tartus:
    “I think it’s too early to draw conclusions [from the situation in Syria],” said the general. “No one is running away from there.”

    I think the Russians may be foxing, or the West is trying to ‘speak it into being” via disinformation. There is too much ‘our sources’ rubbish in this source without presenting any actual evidence. I smell a rat of some kind here…..

  7. Robert Barricklow

    America doesn’t fight international terrorism.
    It instigates & supports it.
    For regime change, especially if the State in question, has a relatively strong social contract with its population. Once the West takes over; the financial oligarchs, suck the local economies dry.

    Russia & China:
    were/are the buffer to this terrorism.

    1. Where do you get this stuff, Robert?
      [The] US, the terrorists (?)
      Say it isn’t so………….

      1. Robert Barriclow

        This is one site I communicate/lisyen to as much as Dr. Farrell’s site.
        Both are Outstanding sources of information.
        Although I prefer the good Doctor, as he draws key insights, Lendman has a solid moral compass as well.

        1. sshh
          Don’t let him know that……..
          his hats might get too tight !

          During all these horrible years,
          I never once lost my sense of humor.
          Now that I’m crawling toward the light at the end of the tunnel,
          I still have it……..a lot of nerve, too, I dare say

          1. mmhmm
            You do seem to be a dying breed.

            Try opening the ‘door’ instead of running right into it

        2. Robert Barricklow

          I thought of using my old Eludium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator, but I sadly misplaced it.
          Too strong anyway.

          1. Your “particle beam” might do the trick………

            Sorry, as the saying goes;
            I couldn’t resist !

          2. Robert Barricklow

            It IS a particle beam.

            At least,
            so I’am told by Martin the Martain.
            He was in the process of
            planet busting Earth,
            till that wrascally wabbit foils him.

  8. This should be viewed in context with the report that NATO approved direct covert action in Syria last monday and that the Iranian Quds force admitted publicly they soldiers in Syria. Also, the report on this I saw yesterday came from Debka so take with a pinch of salt (but it sounds true).

    Looks like the scumbags are still on track to kill more people.

  9. Or a giant headfake. Our so called leaders are idiots. The russians should be huge trade partners and allies not this B.S.

    1. “Russia should be huye trade partners and allies”

      why would Russia or any sovereign country trade tangible goods and wealth for soon to be worthless US bonds??? Only the petro-ziocons are still upholding the dollar. Just today there’s a Reuters story about Germany and china shunning the dollar in their trade. This follows china-Russia, china-Brasil, china-brics, china-japan etc etc etc

      HSBC, Barclays and StanChart themselves are apparently helping china internationalize the yuan which leads me to believe there is a hidden agenda which includes dumping the dollar.

      1. No argument from me there. This whole thing is rotten, from the World bank,
        IMF, Fed unReserve/ Wallstreet revolving door, mortgage fraud, Libor, on and on and.

      2. There’s no doubt that the London Rottenchildren are moving to China where the money is and will be doing all they can to demolish the good ole USA. Maurice Strong has been setting things up for several years. Don’t buy the false front people are tying to sell you that China and Russia are independent. They take their orders from the same ghouls as we take ours. Putin and his counterpart in China are but puppets also. Same thing as the left/right political parties… they own both. It is all a game of show.


        1. I’m not sure you’re totally correct here. I am of the idea that the leaders of Russia (in particular) and China are the sane ones in this mess. The west is run by fascists/zionists who want to control and/or destroy the world. There are some countries who don’t want to go along with that idea. Adrian Salbucchi of Argentina is another very sane voice here, and his country went through hell earlier, just as Russia and China have.

          Like you, I’m still trying to work this one out, but that’s the best I can do at the moment.

          1. All good opinions, comments and prognosis are being offered here.

            Bottom Line!!!! Not to worry so much because Off-World Entities are in Control and of course they have Humanity’s best interests in mind.

            Wait and See. It’s True. They really do have Humanity’s best interests in mind. Really, they do!

            Did I mention, Off-World Entities are in Control and of course they have Humanity’s best interests in mind?

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