1. what interests me most about this, is what JPF said in his book Black Reich of the Sun and the short story about British physicist David Bohm and his thoughts on plasma. I would love this to expanded on.

  2. Well…
    It is clear
    that ‘humanity’ is being split in two…..
    here I am, stuck in the middle with……..
    where are you……?….Happy Birthday Rob.

    [You must be alive, as I am………..
    It’s a little late for a third act ! ]

    Thank you Joseph…….
    not new, but a different perspective
    from both of you.

    I must say that I did not finish the book.
    I was getting too sick to concentrate by then.
    I’ll have lots of TIME to finish it and I will !

  3. just heard the first part of the interview. very interesting how the breakaway theory is gaining momentum. i read both of dolan’s books and found them very excellent. maybe dr. farrell and rich dolan should collaborate on a book together.would make for an interesting read.

  4. I listened to the first part and wished I could listen to the second part of the interview with Whitely. My subscription budget is full up with Giza and Redice.

    I was very interested in the history of these implants and what was in Striber’s background that would make him a target for this and what is the connection with the “other” people who have experienced this in terms of backgrounds.

    This sounds like an offshoot of the alien abductions experiences. I never thought the abductions were “alien”……these implants could be yet another technology as JPF suggested in the first part of the interview. Here again, I wished I could listen to the second part for more clarification.

  5. Very interesting because I never knew if JPF actually subscribed to these ideas. On the evidence of this, JPF needs to make some interview cds/dvds available maybe with his books?

  6. Robert Barricklow

    I second LSM.
    Thanks again for posting this & your other interviews/videos.
    This book was/is suberb in scholarship and outside-the-box reality.

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