1. hahahaha! I tried to read the bell interview pdf and was told “Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here”… apt?

  2. Bear claw Chris Lapp

    Regarding the “rebels” in Syria it was funny when Putin said that the US should just use the prisoners in Gitmo to fight in Syria since their same kind of people. lol

  3. Robert Barricklow

    “End the violence.”, is solid.
    Too bad about Russia joining the NWO …er, I mean WTO.
    The Middle East is Israel’s playground-caldron, of brewing-up civil wars.
    Syria’s rebels = Al-qaeda + Washington D.C.

    UN = Rockefeller/Rothschild Casino

    1. “Too bad about Russia joining the NWO…er, I mean WTO.”

      Isn’t that part of everyone’s battle plans…
      to infiltrate the ‘enemy camp.’

      I never met the man, but I know enough to be waiting for
      the non-event / revelatory revealing / unveiling the hidden,
      to find out why the smartest leader in the world wants to
      play with all the dumb-bells.

  4. He’s an interesting person, dah?
    He has a few [free] brain cells jumping out of the pod.
    A very good [British] translator.

    But watch the other guy blink……
    fear (?,) of what (?) alternating with bug eyes
    ………………he is very uncomfortable for a
    reporter………..but then all [good] journalists
    know the truth of

    Also, Putin’s training [as KGB] comes in handy
    as he plays the part of ‘unknowing.’

    “Poppy” was a good actor, too, even as his [CIA]
    bubble burst.

    I’m still listening…………my ‘monitors’ are too,
    waiting to waste my post 🙁
    let’s see…………

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