October 29, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday during this mini-series of blogs about the German gold audit and its geopolitical implications, I linked a video by Russia Today, and noted that Max Keiser was sending not-too-subtle messages, one of which was getting Germany "retribution" for having been screwed so many times by the banksters in London and New York, in other words, a subtle message is being delivered, not only by Germany, but by Russia.

The trouble is, this message really doesn't require any coordination from the Reich Propaganda Ministry or, for that matter, the Kinder Gentler Friendlier Guys at the Lubyanka. All RT TV has to do is provide the forum and platform on a major media outlet for what many, nay, millions are already saying in the West, in its alternative media and via the internet. It is really not the West, but the Western oligarchs, a very small group of financiers, military men, policy makers, scientists, and technocrats, who are under assault,  both in the world, and in their own power bases, as people increasingly look, not to foreign threats, or even terrorists, as the ultimate culprits for world unrest, but to their own ruling elites.

Into this increasingly tumultuous geopolitical ferment, Germany has called for an audit of its gold reserves, and my bet is, in the long run, Germany will not be satisfied with any partial audit; the game is afoot, and the financial bluff of London and New York is being called in Berlin, and Moscow and Beijing appear all too willing to play the dummy hand to Berlin's lead.

But....on the alternative explanation, the one I first proposed in part one of this multi-part blog, the Bundesbank would be a component of this fraudulent system, and a majorly complicit one, since its permission would be required to allow any of Germany's gold to be secretly collateralized by any foreign central bank holding it in trust for Germany.

Enter Lars Schall, an independent German financial researcher, who, like the rest of us, is simply trying to find out what has happened to his country's gold reserves. You really have to read this one folks, to believe it:

"Thank You For Contacting the New York Fed"

As Herr Schall indicates, the fact of silence means, in effect, that swaps and most probably (reading between the lines) massive re-hypothecation on the basis of German gold was indeed what was going on...

... but this has some nasty geopolitical implications too, not the least of which is that the post-World War Two economic-military dominance of the USA has a hidden tie to Germany, and with that we come to this:

Germany promised U.S. in 1967 not to convert dollars to gold

Now, mind you, this was a few years before King Richard took the United States completely off the gold standard, making central-bank created debt-ridden dollars the world's reserve currency, while all this rehypothecation was taking place.

So... note what we have now:

1) A vast post-war pile of loot accumulated by Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany;

2) Said pile of loot became a secret reserve for the use of UK and more largely US banks;

3) Said Nazi and Japanese elites knew of the existence of this loot and therefore could expose the whole system, thus giving them some measure of influence over its postwar use (like rebuilding Europe and Japan);

and finally,

4) this left those countries (Japan, Germany, and now more recently, China), with a large pile of increasingly worthless US dollars, all the while the backing for those dollars was increasingly in the form of raw US military power and the willingness to "intervene" with it....

...all this leads to some interesting geopolitical speculations, but that will have to wait for tomorrow...

...see you on the flip side.