October 28, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I began a short multi-series blog that I am entitling Gold, Germany, and Geopolitics, because, as I indicated yesterday, so many of you are following this story, and, like me, are probably thinking "this is huge".

Well, first, why is it huge?

The answer is geopolitically very simple: it's huge because you can't have a nice, tidy, global New World Order being run out of London and New York without having a nice, orderly, tidy, European Union, and you can't have a nice, tidy,Gesetz und OrdnungEuropean Union without Germany (after all, what economy is left in Europe to bail out all the rest? Great Britain doesn't particularly like what it sees in the EU [and can you blame the Britons?] so that leaves the Germans, but they don't particularly like what the see either...).

Now I've been maintaining all along that the Euro-crisis - by which I mean both the crypto-Fascist political  monster in Brussels, and the currency by that name - is really in part designed to lock Germany into Europe by entangling it with everyone else's debt... a kind of nifty plan, except for one little thing: human beings, Germans no less than anyone else, do not like being told they're going to have to pay for some other human beings' profligacy, particularly when the first group (the Germans) does more trade with people in mystical far away places like China and Russia than it does with anyone in Europe.

So as I averred yesterday, if the German calls for an audit and repatriation of their gold signaled a breakdown in this lovely new world order, and the significant defection of one of its significant capos, then, if Germany's action is to have any consequence, it has to have teeth, it has to have the quiet, if not tacit, support of China and Russia. Yesterday I suggested that that support may come not in the form of overt dramatic gestures, but in the tiniest, slightest, quietest sort of way.

Well, normally I do not embed any one else's videos, but this one was literally recorded by Max Keiser at Russia Today (RT) TV as I was recording my News and Views and writing yesterday's blog (confirmation came really fast on this one), and note that Keiser is saying the same thing I, Catherine Austin Fitts, and so many others have been saying, namely, that whatever hard assets as these central and prime banks may possess (including gold) look to have been re-hypothecated so many times, creating such an enormously leveraged fraud, that whole countries have been sucked into it, in this case, as Keiser points out with his customary sarcasm, Wall Street has screwed Germany twice (and its not a new game, folks, see the Dawes and Young plans):


Of course, I, like Keiser, and probably many people in the German government, and Germans themselves, probably believe that that gold is no longer there... and, if Keiser is right, the Bundesbank will shortly begin, like China, to buy up gold, and, one may expect, increasing reliance on the yuan between Germany and China to conduct there trade.... all this is fairly predictable if the scenario holds true.

I hope, however, you caught the geopolitical implications lurking beneath the surface in the above video, particularly when Keiser stated that Germany should quit acting so "soft" toward the London and New York bankers... This is appearing on his show on RT TV. So what we have is a message, a subtle one, but a message nonetheless, from Russia, via Keiser, to the West: Germany is not the only country that knows what's going on, and how fraudulent your banks and paper are...

Note too something else: Mr. Keiser is also saying that there is a coming World War Three, and that it will be a currency war: implication?

Germany is being told it must choose sides, the West, or the BRICS nations.

My bet is that, in the long run, Germany will continue to talk a western game, but its actions will increasingly resemble those coming out of Moscow, Beijing, Brasilia, and New Delhi.

And of course, since Keiser is the one saying all this, it is also a nice bit of plausible deniability. Russia has learned the sophisticated lessons of propaganda war very well...

But there's still more....

...See you on the flip side.