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October 24, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

The title of this blog comes from words addressed to me recently as I entered one of those big name mass market retailers, where, upon entry, I found myself confronted by a long table, and a friendly smiling young lady, obviously a nurse, overseeing a battery of syringes, beneath a sign saying to get your flu shot, cheap.

Well, I smiled back, and said, "What for?"

Her answer: "So you won't catch the flu and get sick."

My response: "I never get a flu shot, and as a consequence, seldom get sick."

This appeared to perplex the young lady, and I continued on with my shopping, but it did have me thinking. I remember, as a child, being vaccinated of course, in my case, with polio vaccine (Sabin, thankfully, not Salk), but I cannot recall as a child seeing this annual ritual of stores and chains pushing flu shots. My late mother used to get them, and, predictably, every fall or winter, had a terrible flu-like cold.  She asked me once why I did not get flu shots, and I told her the same thing I told the young lady at the retail chain. "Try it," I urged my mother, "you might be surprised." It has been a recent development, this annual push to get your flu shot, and it is big business... and we need only look to the fact that every year we see stories of this strain or that strain (remember Bird flu? swine flu? SARS? and all the media predicted epidemic hype, from which we could be "safe" if we only got our shots?)

...and it looks to be increasingly fraught with some difficulties. For example, you might just catch fungal meningitis:

13,000 People Exposed to Big Pharma Shots Contaminated with Rare Fungal Meningitis Read more:

Of course, these shots were apparently not vaccines, but, if one reads the article carefully, there are "contraindications" that one might consider before getting one, little things like autism, immune system diseases, and so on, not the least of which is the poor woman who now appears to be growing fingernails instead of hair.

But there is also this interesting story from John Rappaport:


The most disturbing thing about the developments Rappaport outlines are, to mind my, rather obvious: big pharma and the "surgerization" and "pharmatization" of medicine are now beginning to undermine confidence in our medical system, and I find this very disturbing for I know many good and dedicated physicians who have as many ethical and professional problems with this trend as I and others in this field of "alternative research" do.

That said, I'm not rushing to the nearest retail chain to pay them to inject me with the latest crud from Qerck and Muck Pharmaceuticals. It's bad enough I'm probably eating unlabeled GMO crudola from Duponzanto, I don't need to inject myself with it.

See you on the ...oh, yea, wait a minute... there's one more thing:

Leading World Bank Demographer: Vaccination Campaigns Part Of Population Reduction Policy we're done.

See you on the flip side.