October 14, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yesterday I talked about the "gold bug," the little cupriavidus metallidurans bacterium that literally eats toxic metals and poops out 24 karat gold. There, I raised the possibility that such a phenomenon represented an alchemical technology that, with "enough money and manpower" could be turned to more industrial scale "production." As I also noted in yesterday's blog, such a technology would likely have been developed in secret, since to admit it openly would collapse the price of gold, whereas a secret deployment of it would allow the creation of secret reserves as a backing for a whole system of finance, with those reserves (since they're secret) being re-hypothecated over and over again, for even more leverage.

Well, if all that sounds fanciful, it is. I called it High Octane Speculation yesterday. But is it really all that far-fetched? I contend with the recent advances being made in genetic engineering, that it is not. It may be possible through such technology(and allied nano-technologies) to boostcupriavidus metallidurans' "production."  Consider this article, for example, sent to me by Mr. V.T.:

Animals Engineered with Pinpoint Accuracy

The fact that cupriaviudus metallidurans' genome is extensively mapped means that one might take the sequence responsible for converting toxic metal compounds into gold and synthesize it with some other, larger, animal, creating the "perfect alchemical chimera" able to ... well, you get the picture. Nanotechnologies might conceivably provide yet another pathway to "non-nuclear" types of transmutations (though, strictly speaking, all transmutations are nuclear in nature).

On the humorous side, one can envision the adaptation of this even to a medical technology to remove inadvertent and dangerous levels of toxic metals poisoning. One could literally - and please excuse the graphic nature of the illustration - poop out the poison and sell it to the local bullion broker. Every trip to the toilet is money in the bank. Sure, it's more High Octane Speculation, but that's the fun of the brave new transhumanist, alchemical future we're entering: it at least provides some entertainment value.

Now, seriously, when you're done laughing, the bottom line here, for me, is the phenomenon I have written about in so many books, and that I summed up in the opening words of The Grid of the Gods, namely, that modern science appears to be but a technique to bring into reality the myths and lore of antiquity with predictable and consistent regularity, and in this case, the myths and lore of alchemy specifically. It is, so to speak, a technique of mythological deja vu, telling us "we've possibly been here before." Well, in my view, there's no "possibly" about it. We have been here before, and that's the problem. The ancient mythologies tell us something else, too, and that is, that the grand visions of the gods all came undone in paroxysms of greed, hatred, and destruction.

Transhumanism enthusiasts, take note.

See you on the flip side.