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Hear hear...!  I thought I'd share this one with you from Paul Craig Roberts, addressing the "lesser of two evils" philosophy that people have been using as a voting strategy for decades, and he does so in the context of the increasing backlash against American imperialism that is sweeping across South America:

Don’t Vote For Evil


  1. I don’t care too much for Paul G. Roberts but I read some of his articles on rare occasions. (when I am trying very hard to re-invent the Wheel, ha, ha???)

  2. peterrobinson1940

    It seems fascinating that Paul Craig Roberts is waxing lyrical on Oligarchs when his membership of the Council for National Policy must place him in regular contact with the most powerful of all oligarchs.

    Pete Dale Scott (2007) described the Dallas based CNP as more powerful and influential than the CFR. The who is who in the CNP makes interesting reading and causes some cognitive dissonance when you realise that all is not what it seems. When you’ve grown tired of the circular arguments you heard over the last several years, research the CNP, some fresh new insights and some interesting links.

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts- CNP 1984, 1988, 1996; formerly with Cato Institute ; member of Mont Pelerin Society; Referenced from (The Council for National Policy:Selected Member Biographies CNP. Available online from http://www.seekgod.ca/cnp.r.htm (accessed 14.10.2012)

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  4. terminally skeptical

    Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, would win if all those disillusioned with the 2 party system cast their vote for him this fall. The wave of discontent, I believe is that large. Still some 4 out of 5 of those I meet along the way know nothing about him. The apathy in this nation is mind-blowing and that is why once again we will get just what we deserve.

    1. terminally skeptical

      Being that I don’t have time to wade through the the full body of offerings from been-there-done-that what thing or things do you find most interesting about him?

      1. He was a sniper with the Air Force and then the police.

        Some years ago he went to Dallas, fully onboard
        with the Oswald line;
        until he examined the “Kill Zone”
        [title to one of his books] as a [legal]
        professional sniper and concluded that the shots
        were impossible from there even with the best rifle.

        There were a number of reasons, but the clincher
        was a total inability to line up sniper’s nest
        with place of target at the time.

        He previously had, and continued to write other books,
        both from personal experience and a new view of
        government lies from further research.
        His “Medusa File” is a compilation of some of that research.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        That’s a weekly show, On The Edge.
        Steve Lendman’s Progressive News Hour is also good. Three shows weekly.
        Tomorrow he has John McMurtry, he’s very good.
        (usually avaiable on Monday/archived shows).

          1. Robert Barricklow

            Pleased that you listened. People at this site are great at sharing information.
            To seperate the “wheat from the chaff” is the “tricky” part, or perhaps, even an art.

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