12 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM NOV 29, 2012”

  1. I have no idea if the gentleman Bob Dobbs who is interviewed here:


    has any credulity/validity whatsoever (never heard of him before- but my lack of knowledge of certain individuals means diddly-squat)-

    if at least parts of his testimony are to be taken seriously (IF!) it seems China has been a major player/controller of the world’s financial system for a much longer time than we’ve suspected- but Dobbs doesn’t mention Germany’s role in anything-

    among other things he delves into Kennedy’s despair (Dobbs’ take on this) and Lee Harvey Oswald (Dobbs’ view conflicts a bit with Judyth Vary Baker’s testimonies- but then did Oswald tell Baker everything he knew?- we don’t know)-

    if you have the time and interest you might want to check this out- long but definitely another yet unknown (at least to me), alternative view-take of the world- then draw your own conclusions-

    I truly hope all are well- many regards-

    Larry in Germany

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Thanks for this link LSM; as alternative viewpoints are my cup of tea.

      I’am presently reading Subaltern Lives about “convicts” of the East India Company. It is told through a biographical “lense” to sound-out an institutional, “historical deaftness”.

      Thanks again,
      Robert B

      1. ever observe the mcormick pepper company involvement in nutmeg?

        how many are us of unfornicated origins?

    2. Robert Barricklow

      Couldn’t go the distance[in listening to Dobbs].
      There are “shows” like this that go off in tangents that defy “standard” models. Although, sometimes U can follow on another level; my “reality” just can’t coincide at some point, and I disengage.
      I DO like these “Wild tangents”, as they, sometimes, spark other “veins of thought”, previously untravelled.

  2. Good evening,

    I’d still like to know whose bidding Geithner is doing by issuing this report. Germany has had its Bunds’ market frozen twice during the last year. Without knowing who’s who here this whole story doesn’t make any sense.

    Oh well.

  3. This article isn’t news. I swear it came out in 1984, and I distinctly remember that Eastasia was the enemy then. Or can it be that the elites are a bit behind schedule…

  4. Bear claw Chris Lapp

    It’s silly to compare Germany with China regarding currency manipulation. China keeps their currency artificially low. The Euro is worth more than the dollar. People want Chinese exports because they’re cheap, People want German exports because they’re made well. People are willing to buy German goods at high Euro prices because the Germans make good stuff. Someone with freshman level economic knowledge should know this. Therefore this article is pure propaganda intended on demonizing the Germans.

  5. Joseph, speaking of the Apocalypse vidchat on Dec. 21, are you planning a 24-hr marathon (per time on event calendar)? If so, it would be fun to have pop-in guests like Scott deHart, Daniel, GeorgeAnne or even that spongey puppet w/ the yellow skin, staring eyes and felt covered head (he still hasn’t gotten a decent shirt). Chat folks from around the globe could send first-hand reports on how the apocalypse is progressing in their part of the world 😉 I’d stay up all night for that!

  6. Robert Barricklow

    Another case of the “reverse projections”/transnational media, with the pot calling the kettle black; or the fan screaming you suck to the vacuum, whose screaming you blow to the fan. The command/controlling heights’ elites are doing their “ad nauseum” polar shifts once again; where the funny pages become headline news; while the fake news/funny pages, become serious news.
    Germany becomes China, China becomes?

    Stay tuned for latest structual adjustments on the austerity many,
    by the caviar few.

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