1. Frankie Calcutta

    The theory in astrology is that the Moon sustains life on Earth by being the force which holds in place the large amounts of water on Earth. I don’t know if modern science would subscribe to this. Without the Moon would the Earth’s water rise out of the atmosphere and into space? Beyond what I know. Add to this the many mysteries about the origin of the Moon and how it got into Earth’s orbit. Christopher Knight covers this in his latest book “Who Built The Moon.”

    So, going with the ancient theory that the Moon was dragged into place to sustain life on Earth, who is to say that energy incompatible planets in our solar system were not destroyed to make way for the species that was to be sustained on Earth? Sort of like cutting down trees and damming rivers to make way for civilization.

    Also, while I never followed the Planet X stuff so much, I did hear it mentioned quite frequently recently in the build up to the Mayan end times and it made me think of Nassim Haramein’s theory of the Sun’s spots as planetary portals and the interesting images he presents from Japanese astronomers. Wasn’t their some talk a while back by a Vatican astronomer regarding Planet X and doesn’t the Vatican have the world’s most powerful solar telescope? It may explain why at it’s core, the Roman Catholic Church is really just the old Roman solar religion Sol Invictus. Is the Roman Church and all its telescopes really just waiting for the return of their Solar deity?

  2. those things are a spitt in our face,NASA should fiind a similar planet like earth and go there,THAT’S A REAL DISCOVERY

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