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December 5, 2012 By Joseph P. Farrell

Iranian Press TV is reporting on the latest DARPA brainchild: the drone submarine, here:

US building drone subs to track, chase away enemy vessels: Report

This, really, shouldn't surprise us by now, but what should give us great pause is the trend that is now developing within the military affairs of the West in general and the American military in particular. I am certainly not the first to have commented that the increasing role of drone technology within the American military has had the effect of dehumanizing warfare, and isolating its participants from their victims: it now becomes possible to "assassinate" an individual, by remote control, but never interacting directly with the victims of "collateral damage," one may not even see them, or it, one certainly never directly encounters them. It has become a kind of video game warfare, with "soldiers" in remote rooms piloting drones with computers and joysticks.

X-box may indeed be the way World War Three is fought.

If that sounds absurd, then consider this drone submarine development. Consider the fact that for some nations, one significant leg of their nuclear deterrent is on ballistic missile submarines (the USA, Russia, France). Consider the the development of  nuclear weapons themselves: as the bombs became bigger, the control become more remote; men lived under ground, in silos, watching TV screens and computer dials, and turned keys, comfortably isolated from the Enola Gay experience of watching what a nuclear bomb would do to humans and their places of life.

Now throw in submarines, and drones: it becomes conceivable that an entire ballistic submarine could be operated without a crew, by a "skeleton" crew, or even one person, hundreds, or thousands of miles away, and as technology advances, the circle of control of such horrendous weapons narrows into fewer and fewer hands... and may ultimately arrive at a point where is is entirely in the hands of those "emulational technologies" I have blogged about the past few days...

....or worse, in the hands of whatever may be transduced by the sorts of anamnetic technologies that I have hypothesized...

See you on the flip side.