January 5, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

As you know, the Vatican bank has been a subject of interest here at gizadeathstar, and more recently, finally entered as a major actor in my most recent book, Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations. I've followed stories here of the Vatican bank's efforts to "clean up its act" and bring its operating procedures into conformity with Europe's international "best practice" standards. Now, the Daily Telegraph in Great Britain is reporting that the Bank of Italy has suspended all electronic transfers into and out of the Vatican, and is requiring Deutschebank's Italian branch, the Vatican bank's principal contact with the worldwide banking system, to do so as well. Now, I have a lot of thoughts what all this might mean, but first, the article:

Italy bans card payments in Vatican over money laundering

The first thing to remember here is that this comes in the context of the Vatican's recent statements calling for a global government, a global central bank and currency, and a "global moral authority" to give whispering "advice" into the huddled ears of the said global government and global central bank. So in one sense, I think, we might assume that this is merely "window dressing" and "theater for the masses"(no pun intended), while the powers that be - the Vatican and the big European central and prime banks - figure out how to transition the Vatican into the emerging global superstructure. The problem is, of course, that with the Vatican - as I used to remind my mediaeval history students - is the oldest and most experienced political chancery in continuous operation in the world today, and in many cases, while the Vatican itself is but a small city-state, it has the intelligence and information brokering resources of a great power, and most of this intelligence and information capacity is in the form of real on the ground human presence in most areas of the globe. Such assets would make the Vatican a prime target for integration into any emergent global structure clustered around the West's (declining) financial and military power. Additionally, if  the current global situation appears to be maneuverings to bring about Samuel Huntington's "Clash of civilizations," then the Vatican's further integration into the Western power structure is essential, since two Huntington's "rival" civilizations are Islam, and the Orthodox Christian civilizations of Russia and much of Eastern Europe, and isolated pockets in the Middle East and North Africa.

The point here is if this particular reading of the developments is the principal or primary operative motive force in these events, then we can look for at least one confirming signature, and that would be for a chill in relations between the Wesern Roman Catholic, and the Eastern Orthodox Catholic, Churches, if that clash of civilizations scenario includes a direct confrontation with Russia. If, on the other hand, that scenario includes the integration - or cultural subversion - of Russia into the West's planning global order, then one may look for increasing Vatican penetration and manipulation of various Eastern Orthodox churches, particularly in the Middle East.

Ok....all of the above isif we're looking at a "window dressing -theater" interpretation of the Bank of Italy's moves. But what if, on the other hand, we're looking at manifestations of that factional infighting that I've occasionally mentioned on various shows that appears to be taking place within the corridors of global elites' power bases?

Well, for that one, folks, I'll have to see you on the flip side...