Babylon's Bankers


January 4, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

While those who had bought huge blocks of stock in the Mayan Apocalypse were disappointed on Saturday Dec 22, 2012, and while much of the alternative research community was busily milking the proposed date for the "secular rapture" for all it was worth in cruises, conferences, and other creative ways to waste your precious and hard-won central bank facsimile of money, Brazil throughout November and December was quietly and dramatically increasing its reserves of gold:

Brazil Doubles Gold Reserves as Central Banks Buy Bullion

Now this, folks, I suspect presages some interesting potential developments for this coming year, and I suspect one of them will be that Brazil will also, quietly, call for an audit of its reserves held ...oh golly, gee, where? ....uhm....let's say in the Bank of England and...uhm...maybe (for some unknown obscure reason), the Federal Reserve Bank of New York? It's another sign of the growing lack of confidence, but also, I suspect, another sign that various nations and central and prime banks, long a party to or suspicious of a hidden system of finance, are bailing from the system as quietly as possible, so as not to expose it.

But if Brazil calls for audits and possible repatriation of stocks held in foreign central banks, then rest assured, this will trigger the final call in the rest of Latin America. After all, Brazil is now subtly signalling what Ecuador did last year, and what hugo Chavez's Venezuela did a few years before that... but Brazil is not Venezuela nor Ecuador... it is South America's largest country and economy.

So if Brazil makes the call for an audit, repatriation, and while it is buying gold, as I expect it eventually will do, then look for Argentina and Chile to be not far behind in gold purchases, audit and repatriation talk...

See you on the flip side.