Tidbits of Conspiracy News


February 11, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This email came to me from Mr. M.W., and with his permission, I am sharing it here with all of you, because I thought the ideas and thoughts in it were very much in line with the thinking I've been developing in the Bearer Bonds story. Here's Mr. W.'s email:

Hello Joseph Farrell:
I am enjoying your book!
I have an idea about the Kennedy Bond.
1) The Space Shuttle is out of time sequence done on purpose. There was no shuttle at the time of Kennedy. This is a juxtaposition designed to i) render the bond questionable
                    ii) serve as a warning
If one also goggles the serial number of the bond as a date, April 11, 2007, we find that Bernanke gave a speech. Possibly at 10:35 AM,( I am unsure of the time ) Bernanke says, as directly as a Federal Chairman can, that highly leveraged hedge funds are severe risk to the investors, not to the government. This may be a change in policy of the Fed, or a clear declaration that the government is no longer on the hook for market risk, it is up to the private investor to check out risk. Bernanke here prefers the market’s hidden hand (Smith) to self correct bad decisions. This may have upset some key players.
The shuttle exploded and crashed  and was taken out of service. Kennedy was assassinated. Here we have a curious full face picture of him looking out to us from the past. It is usual to have a turned head on a bond. That he is looking at the reader (intended  target) is chilling. This seems like a subtle warning that there may be other assassinations to come.
Thank you for bringing this fascinating subject to light.
Best wishes,
Good stuff Mr. M.W....thanks for sharing.