April 26, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

This certainly seems the week for news, most of it bad. First there was the bombing in Boston and the suffering that ensued; this occurred on the same day, it will be recalled, as the shorting and stop losses order caused paper gold and silver to plummet.

Well, not all news is bad: Cyprus is challenging its Venetian City of London-Brussels-Frankfurt masters by actually threatening to hold a parliamentary vote on the theft of a percentage of savings accounts on accounts over 100,000 euros:

Cyprus bail-out vote stirs fresh jitters as slump fears grow in Europe

Now, note this article is by U.K. reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, who also apprises us of his opinion that the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan brought down the paper gold and silver market:

Fed and Bank of Japan caused gold crash

Evans-Pritchard's somewhat confusing analysis may obscure the real point: The Boston Marathon Bombing, if viewed as connected to the financial events of the day - and I am already on record as believing it should be - means that the incident, sadly, was the action of some very corrupt, and very evil, people, people covering their financial tracks with a diversion.

What better way to have people avoid looking too closely at the commodities meltdown than by creating yet another tragedy that the media will, of course, flog to death, endless replaying all the gruesome and gory pictures, while little if any connection between events will be made.

The fact however that the same man covers the Cypriot revolt against the fate the banksters have declared for them, and that he is signalling his opinion about the Fed and Bank of Japan, means, I suspect, that already some in the major media are already beginning to connect the dots.

They just don't dare say so publicly. the way, this to that big British bank that keeps sending me invitations to accept a credit card: (1) I do not use credit cards as the rates of interest on them are immoral even by Old Testament standards and (2) you really expect me to bank with a bank that helped rig the LIBOR rates?

You people are not only corrupt, you're simply stupid.

See on on the flip side.