June 29, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Regular readers of this site, and readers of my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, will be aware that I have entertained the idea of geophysical and weather warfare. Nor am I the only one. Former HUD Assistant Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts made similar remarks concerning the Indonesian tsumani, and the fact that, prior to it, an inexplicable withdrawal from the Indonesian sovereign bond fund occurred. Her proposed methodolgy for detecting and examining the possibility of such things is the same as mine: (1) political statements or activity, particularly in the form of threats, (2) followed by significant weather and/or geophysical disaster in the threatened country.  Following this line of thought, I have entertained the idea that the Fukushima disaster may have been one such instance, since the Japanese had previously sent signals indicating a change in their posture toward the rest of Asia, and this was quickly followed by a threat by  then Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Japan had asked the USA to consider closing its base on Okinawa, a source of persistent irritation to the local Japanese population. Gates responded with a statement that could only be characterized as a threat.

In keeping with that line of thinking, a reader of this website made the following commentary about Russia's and China's recent disasters, and the statements of American "statesmen" that preceded them:

Newest RT report on the “Snowden” case:
“Kerry says would be deeply troubled if China, Russia had known of Snowden’s travel plans”

To me, this new development
1) is a further indication that “Snowden” was not an accident, but involved China, and Russia, and possibly the U.S. military.
William Binney, one of the NSA Whistleblower, was actually on RT in 2012

2) Kerry’s remark immediately reminded me of Hillary Clinton’s remark of “Russia and China will ‘pay price’ for supporting Assad”.

which was made by her on July 6 at “Friends of Syria” meeting in Paris. The next day Russia’s Krasnodar Krai region experienced a “flash flood”, with the town of Krymsk sustaining the worst damages, which was “one of the worst known calamities in modern times in this region.”
and on July 21, Beijing’s Fangshan district experieced similar “flash flood” due to torrential rain, with a record rainfall for the district since the inception of the Meteorological bureau in1951.
Not to mention, China was hit by the “Lushan earthquake”, just a days after John Kerry left China, on his first official visit to the country as the U.S. Secretary of State.

Now, Kerry is “troubled” about “Russia and China’s involvement in the Snowden affair”, the question is “What’s he gonna do about it?”

I've been predicting for a while now that America's extensive covert operations in Asia, particularly in the "periphery" states of the old Soviet republics that currently surround the Russian Federation, would backfire, since two can play the covert operations game. As most know by now, Russia and China, among many other nations, have extended offers of asylum to Snowden. The reality, of course, is that Russia and China have known for decades about the extent of American spying, and conduct similar domestic spying in their own countries, not to mention the classic form of espionage against the USA. It is as old as international diplomacy, so we need hardly be surprised that they should capitalize on the Snowden affair as they have.

What is remarkable about this turn of events is this:

NASA on the Future of Warfare

Now a mere glance through this 114 page manual is a prescription for near-terminal melancholy. For example, I was floored when I read on pp. 56-7 of  the use of metastable isomers as new explosives fuels. I blogged about this on this site more than 5 years ago (that is, prior to the change over to the current format!) and the role of DARPA in searching for an isomer bomb. I won't even bother with trying to explain the destructive potential of such weapons, and now, they appear to be closer to reality, if this study is any indicator.  Then, on p. 61, we find something called the "Slingatron," a kind of "cyclotron" for kinetic projectiles with a range of... well, just about anywhere.  Notably, NASA is billing it as the "Poor Man's Global Precision Strike/"Takedown" Weapon."

Then, beginning on p. 63, attention is given to global weather monitoring and the need for careful measurements, including, let it be noted, "topography gravity field/gradients" implying that NASA wants careful measurements of minute local gravitational acceleration deflections-from-mean that occur because of local topography (Thomas Townsend Brown fans, take note!). This is followed by "Natural Warfare" on p. 73, using animals and plants as both sensor and delivery systems (an old CIA meme).

Now, amid this whole cacaphonous catalog, there is no mention of weather war, nearly everything else is covered. The report is about future developments and technologies, and their implications for US strategic posture.

So permit me more high octane speculation: the reason that weather war and geophysical war is not mentioned is that it's old hat; it's already been done... "been there, done that," NASA seems to be saying, by way of a pregnant omission.  Sometimes, the silence can be deafening.

See you on the flip side.