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September 19, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

The three-d printing story is moving so fast it's becoming more and more difficult to keep up with. Regular readers here will already be familiar with my personal opinion that the 3 D printer represents the following things:

  1. a technology most probably originating in the black projects world and only now being strongly promoted by the power elites;
  2. the reason for this promotion is an attempt to retrench a decentralized manufacturing base back into North America;
  3. that this retrenchment is paralleled by the quiet though definite withdrawal of western capital from the developing world, for a possible expansion of investments in the USA, Canada, and Mexico in an effort to shore up the Anglosphere's power base;
  4. that all this has something to do with space, and the expansion of space capabilities, as evidenced in recent tests of 3d printing methods for the manufacture of space components, and announced plans for a large scale space-based manufacturing capability;

and finally, and for our purposes here, most importantly:

5. that 3d printing represents one necessary step in the technology tree toward a "Star Trek" like transporter system.

I have pointed out in previous blogs that yet another necessary step in this system, if we are ever to attain to a Star Trek-like transporter system, is the ability to use 3d printers to print organic materials, and there are already even "bio-printing" conferences (See Infocast Set to Host Inaugural BIO-PRINTING Summit in Alanta, GA, on November 13-14, 2013, and my thanks to Ms P.H. for bringing this to my attention). Additionally, 3D printers must be able to print utilizing not just plastics, but a variety of materials(See TTP invents multi-material print head, again, my thanks to Ms. P.H. from sharing this article).

But the other step to a practical "transporter" or teleporter, is the ability to three-d print at a distance. To send information from one point, and have a machine with the requisite materials at another point assemble it. Sort of a 3-d FAX machine.

No sooner said, than done:

Zeus is Not Just a God. He’s a 3D Printing Fax Machine.

No joke... you might now complain of getting junk FAXES, but soon, that FAX machine may literally be printing junk.  But it's another small step in a technology tree that is leading, when all the steps are combined, to big things: imagine scanning something here (and, the scanners already exist folks), sending it there, and printing it there. Already the benefits are huge, for transportation costs are eliminated.... consider what this means folks: this capability exists now.... 3d printing is saying that, at least for some things now, gas or fuel costs are "not an issue"... and, if one really stops and thinks about it, that gas and fuel in such a context is not an issue. Electronic communications is.

Now recall that article I just blogged, about the wireless 100 gigabit/second capability that DARPA is developing in conjunction with Raytheon, and look at it, not from the point of view of space defense systems, but from the point of view of 3D manufacturing. My point is that that 100gigabit/second capability is also about laying the foundation for a literal revolution not only in manufacturing but in transportation. Transportation is going to become increasingly to mean teleportation. 

Is this genuine teleportation in the Star Trek sense?

No it isn't. Information is being sent from one place, to be combined with materials that exist in another place. In the Star Trek world, the material itself as well as the information is sent.  But if you've been following the quantum computing and entanglement stories lately, they've been working on that too.

The desktop computer was a plaything, an expensive curiosity in the 1980s. Now, it has enabled an information and publishing revolution that few of us can imagine, who lived through the revolution, of living without. Now, take the rudimentary capabilities of 3d printing now - breathtaking as they are - and project them to the future two decades from now. Trucking companies will still be around, moving materials from here to there... but they will not be moving so many finished goods so far. Same with railroads. But costs of transporting certain things will be no more than a long distance phone call...

...thanks to a three-d printing-FAX machine appropriately enough called "Zeus."

See you on the flip side.