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October 19, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

So many of you saw this and sent it to me that I cannot thank you all individually.

The reason for this week's "synchronicity" will, however, be evident from the moment you read the headline on this one:

Russia and the U.S. unite: Former enemies sign agreement to work on nuclear weapons to tackle the danger of ASTEROIDS

Before we can move on to why I think this article is both significant, and a bit of theater, it's worthwhile to recall what the Rosin Affidavit is, for those readers who may be unfamiliar with it. When Dr. Wernher von Braun was retired from NASA (and I'm one of those who think he "was restired" rather than "retired" from NASA), he moved into a consultancy as a vice president of Fairchild industries. There, he disclosed to another Fairchild Industries engineer, Dr. Carol Rosin, what he alleges to have been the "strategic game plan" he heard from "insiders". According to Dr. Rosin, von Braun told her that the "game plan" for weaponizing space was to concentrate on a series of "targets of opportunity." First, he said, the "Communists" would be the threat used to justify weaponizing space (remember the whole anti-ballistic missile defense that began in the Eisenhower Administration and culminated in Reagan's "Strategic Defense Initiative.") Then, according to Rosin, it would be "terrorists'. Well, in that respect, remember the subtle pushes for regional missile defenses in Europe after 9-11 by the Bush II administration. And we all recall Iraq's Scud missiles being aimed at Israel and Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, which Israeli calls for the US Patriot missile system as a defense. Then according to Rosin, Von Braun indicated that the concern would move from "terrorists" to "nations of concern." These, it might be argued, were President Bush's "axis of evil" nations, and they became a "selling point" for pushing the European missile defense system. Of course, Russia was a primary unstated reason for the extension of a missile defense shield to Europe, but that's another story.

According to Rosin, however, the penultimate and ultimate threats to be used to justify the weaponization of space were "asteroids" and then, finally, "extra-terrestrials." Rosin relates that when von Braun got to "extra-terrestrials," he chuckled, as if not regarding that possibility as genuine, or, perhaps, he had some sort of unspoken inside knowledge that he was laughing off, possibly nervously.

In any case, I would suggest that we're looking at a partial confirmation, even if it is also a bit of theater, of Rosin's Affidavit. But before we get to the theater part, let's recall that one month prior to the Cheyabinsk meteor event, Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev gave indications that Russia would press forward, on its own if need be, with a defense against near Earth asteroids. Subsequent statements from Russia indicated that the method to destroy them would use thermonuclear weapons "or other means."

It's that phrase "or other means" that has me thinking that, perhaps, this concentration on nuclear weapons as the means for asteroid destruction might be a bit of theater, to accustom us to the idea and "necessity" of having hydrogen bombs in orbit above us. This idea was the nightmare of 1950s and 1960s "nuclear planners."

But why would it be theater? Well, apparently, there's been another near Earth asteroid (according to some), or Russian missile test (according to most), in Russia. And like the Chelyabinsk meteor, this one appears to have been destroyed by means that are clearly not nuclear, and that clearly do not resemble that of a standard kinetic impact or collision with another object either. Note in the following the clear indications that the "meteor" is a rocket, that simply dissolves or disappears:

Bizarre Jellyfish UFO Photographed By Two Astronauts And From Ground In Russia

Strange Clouds Photographed from ISS Tied to Secret Russian Missile Launch

Other photos of the same event show a clear contrail, and Russia announced a test of its new TOPOL strategic missile more or less within the time frame of the incident.(See Topol launch from Kapustin Yar tests new combat payload) So...

....what are we looking at? Missile test? A UFO? Well, definitely a missile test according to the Russians, but in either case, we're looking at a very strange disappearance of the object in, and that's the point. Not an impact, not an ABM, but clearly something in the destruction of the "meteor"  or missile.

I suggest what we're looking at is (1) deliberate obfuscation of the sources concerning what happened and (2) that the reason for the obfuscation is to disguise the existence of a human "anti meteor" system that is not based on nuclear weapons or kinetic impacts with the objects.  Those who've read my books will recall the existence of a document detailing the testimony of a German prisoner of war from World War Two, who testified seeing an Allied bomber simply "disintegrate" when hitting some sort of "invisible barrier." What we have here looks almost similar.

And Chleyabinsk? that strange event over a major Russian city, and also a premier site in the development of Russia's nuclear energy and defense systems? Well, they've now recovered chunks of that meteor:

Giant Chunk of the Chelyabinsk Meteor Raised from Lake

Why the effort to recover that meteor? Well, from the scientific perspective alone, it is a literal godsend to scientists. But I also suggest that those chunks are going to show why the meteor exploded, and if something impacted with it. And that's the real reason for the interest.

Bottom line? I suspect, once again, we're looking at messages being sent, clearly by Russia, but to whom? The USA would be one obvious target, given Russian-American geopolitical clashes down on Earth; but in space, clearly the two world powers are concerned about "asteroids," and they're conveniently showing up at the precise time that they need to in order to justify a new kind of "international space cooperation" against the threat.

And that's all preparation for the ultimate raison d'etre for space defense as Von Braun told Dr. Rosin four decades ago...

See you on the flip side...