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October 11, 2013 By Joseph P. Farrell

Russia Today is claiming that Saudi Arabian black operations teams were ultimately behind the chemical weapons attack that the USA attempted to blame on the regime of Basher al-Assad:

Saudi black op team behind Damascus chem weapons attack – diplomatic sources

What is interesting to me is that this article makes its appearance after the diplomatic cards that Mr. Putin dealt to Mr. Obama and Secretary of State Ketchup Kerry. Judging from the comments and emails I was receiving during the intervention hysteria being whipped up in the USA, most people contacting me were of the opinion that it was another false flag attack, and were immediately suspicious of western attempts to fasten the blame for the incident on Assad's regime. Most people pointed out that he had nothing to gain by such a measure, and virtually everything to lose.

And, amid the demands to show the proof for these allegations, the case for intervention eventually stalled, and fizzled, at least, for the moment. Indeed, given the high cynicism against governments and leaders in the West, one wonders whether any amount of evidence would have been persuasive. After all, the west was treated to "intelligence information" concerning Iraq's weapons of mass destruction that, upon examination, disappeared like fog in the morning sun. Once trust vanishes, any information coming from an untrusted source, whether true or not, must overcome that wall of suspicion. And it is this phenomenon, not Mr. Putin's "interference," that is now hampering western geopolitical agendas.

Which makes this article from RT all the more interesting, for consider these statements:

"The August chemical weapons attack in the Syrian capital’s suburbs was done by a Saudi Arabian black operations team, Russian diplomatic sources have told a Russian news agency.

“'Based on data from a number of sources a picture can be pieced together. The criminal provocation in Eastern Ghouta was done by a black op team that the Saudi’s sent through Jordan and which acted with support of the Liwa Al-Islam group,' a source in the diplomatic circles told Interfax.

"The attack and its consequences had a huge impact on the Syrian situation, another source said.

“'Syrians of various political views, including some opposition fighters, are seeking to inform diplomats and members of international organizations working in Syria what they know about the crime and the forces which inspired it,' he told the agency.

"Sources" and "another source" and "Russian diplomatic sources."

"Our anonymous sources have confirmed..." and "another whistleblower, who must remain nameless, said..."

Thus far, RT has functioned rather well as an informative news source, particularly for people in the West fed up with the obvious failures of their own lamestream media. And thus far, RT has usually followed up articles like this - full of assertion but with little verification - with the "nitty gritty details" at some later point.  With so much at stake in the region, and what appears to be an insane policy of western backing of rebels of the most extreme kind, we can only hope and urge RT,  that if it has that information and the nitty gritty details, that it release them soon.  Otherwise, this "information" might as well have come from Ketchup Kerry, or been part of a briefing on Iraqi WMDs by Colin Powell.

See you on the flip side.