February 26, 2014 By Joseph P. Farrell

Yes, you read the title correctly: DARPA, the Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency, wants to put the equivalent of an airliner's black box into the brains of soldiers, and, for those following it, it has all the hallmarks of yet another one of those transhumanist memes - the merger of man and machine and the alchemical creation of "mineral man" - that my co-author Dr. Scott deHart and i wrote about in Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas.

Pentagon Wants to Fit Soldiers with a Little Black Box Brain Implant

Now you'll note that all of this is being sold as "something good", as a means of tracking "trauma" and being able to reverse it:

"Black box recorders are a common feature in aircraft. They sit there keeping track of everything that is happening. Then, if something goes wrong the information can be reviewed to piece together exactly what happened and form a view of the events that may otherwise have been lost.

"Now the Pentagon is attempting to develop a similar system for use in humans, and in particular soldiers who have suffered brain damage. If they could be fitted with a black box in their brain, then it may be possible to trigger memories surrounding a traumatic event and overcome memory loss quickly and easily.

But the real implications and thereby, I suspect, the hidden agenda, is evident from these statements:

"It’s common to see memory loss in someone suffering brain damage, but they can also forget their personal details and skills, such as remembering their own name, who their family is, and even how to drive. As well as stimulating the brain to recover recent memories, it is hoped the implant would be able to recall common information and therefore help them remember who they are."

In other words, a DARPA wants a technology that can:

  1. Stimulate the brain to recover memories, which implies an ability to
  2. Stimulate the brain to implant or forget memories,
  3. Recall "common information," which implies an ability to
  4. download that information,
  5. Continually spy on an individual via the most intimate form imaginable, via the individual's brain itself, all of which implies the ability
  6. Modify and influence said individual's behavior itself and
  7. to modify an individual's efficiency or performance. After all, of one can stimulate the brain, one could influence an individual's need for rest and sleep. A soldier requiring 50% less sleep or rest is an automatic force multiplier, to use the military jargon.

Watch for it folks: all this will be sold as something good... but in this instance, there's little I find either good or comforting about it.

See you on the flip side...