8 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM FEB 27 2014”

  1. Things are somewhat less puzzling if we overcome the illusion that this is a bipolar conflict rather than a multipolar one, and that at least one of the players – you know, the real winners of WWII or their successors – is not publicly acknowledged. Imagine a 3-dimensional chessboard – or a “Go” board – with 4, 5 or more players.
    Talleyrand would have enjoyed this.

  2. There are forces in the West that certainly support these Russian statement about expenditure of military presence. My guess is that some forces in Vatican. Russian minister of defence Sergey Shoygu got his cross from Maltese order just a few months before he got appointed as a minister of defence. This was half a year before Ratzinger resigned. Shoygu is popular in Russia and he is known as person who doesn’t speak nonsense or even inaccuracies. And this statement is very serious.
    I’m so sure that somebody in the West helps Russia, because just a few days ago an official from Russian ministry of defence made a very informal speech on a open meeting where he stated that there are huge problems with Russian navy. He said it quit openly.
    Does anyone has a clue which clan in the West allies Russia? I mean you people here look through English internet, there got to be some information about it.
    Thank you.

  3. I had to login to comment today good thing I have my password written down. I think the legal term for what happening to the Ukraine and Russia is called extortion by the way Joseph does your cable system carry FX cable channel The Americans are back for their second season. For those not familiar with the series it’s the USA-USSR struggle seen from the a Soviet mole-sleeper family point of view during the Reagan era. As you say Robert Resistance to the Financial Borg will not be futile.

  4. Thank you for your sensible worldview and commentary, as always. I did wish to comment on the improved appearance of your new recording/upload methodology. It seems to be a higher resolution, or possibly just less grainy than the old format – either way, good luck with it.

  5. Huh, more geopolitical games, if the elites think that the Ukraine is going to be a pushover then Mr. Putin has no clothes.
    Enter John Kerry, this guy just cracks me up, a multimillionaire who is in politics because he’s a patriot, I don’t get it, he doesn’t need the money, so why do it?

    I just hope that commonsense prevails in the Ukraine, because if it doesn’t, these elites will have us in a war, and we all know what happens in a war.

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