1. The hardest part about physical immortality is the, wanting to do it.

    ” You can do anything you want this time around.”~ T. Leary

  2. Unfortunately our elites will use this technology to prolong their parasitic lives and torment the rest of us. Continuing to ruin the lives of our successors.

    1. You need to get laid more, all your comments are full of paranoia and negativity. Go out once in a while, smell a flower, listen to the birds. Life is not just “the elites” acting all nefarious.
      Remember, whatever you give attention to, grows.

  3. Frankie Calcutta

    Excellent news! I grow weary of the emotional pain I experience every time a beloved family pet passes away due to old age. It would be nice to have a (mammal) pet that could live a human life span. While turtles may fit the bill, they are very dull, although a hamster-turtle cross breed might be interesting.

  4. terminally skeptical

    Telomerase, an enzyme that’s linked to age reversal and the lengthening of telomeres in chromosomes can be elevated through vigorous, high intensity cardio-vascular exercise. I imagine the GDS crowd getting up from their laptop work stations long enough to run several (as many as 8) successive 30 second wind sprints alternated with a one minute of jogging interval for recovery. But not of course on days when there’s heavy spraying up above so most of the time we fortunately have a alibi for aging.

    So here’s my bad taste question of the day: Does going on a bender and then waking up the following morning with a deceptively mature under aged companion qualify as an example of age reversal in mammals? Just askin’!

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