1. Dr. F., sounds like your room was party central! LOL — glad you had some good times, and hope you got a lot from the conference. I’ll be streaming it this weekend to catch up. Cheers, Kathy C.

  2. If the other world people are not helping the poor and starving earthmen,if they allow the garbage to run mind controlling technology here on earth then WHY should we want beyond earth contact at all? This intelligence obviously has no good plan for us,far as I can see they are encouraging our total planitary destruction by empowering our lowest elements to run it. We must look to each other for the strength to over come the powers to be and regain our freedom and right to all universal knowledge. Here in europe knowledge is kept from the masses,they hide it ,even going so far as to write books in a variant of the native tongue so normal people can’t self educate themselves. In america its different yet the power,law,is mostly written in latin and what appears to be shakespearian verse,WHY you say, yea so the average american can’t understand the laws that he must live by,that way someone has to TELL him what is right or wrong legally.Martians…the new God?

  3. That was cool to follow her writings
    ..my not having been able to attend but missing the hell outta the beautiful Bay Area.

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