10 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM SEPT 26 2014”

  1. Hello: I just heard this utube today and wonder if all that money that went to the failed solar business just after the President took office really was a failed solar business after all – could it be the basis for a US fusion business??

  2. A few years ago there was a dutch nuclear physicist that created a cold fusion reaction using Ball lightning as the containment vessel. Although he had neutrino release, his measurement needed to be verified by another experiment (to create a cold fusion reaction) with more precision. His intellectual property was bought by shell,then controlled by the dutch royal family, and he was put to work proving his theory on paper before he was allowed to repeat his experiment creating cold nuclear fusion. He only needed 3 milion dollars to repeat his experiment but was not allowed to seek financial backing after signing the contract with shell. He was sent to the university of Eindhoven in southern holland to work out his theory and prove it on paper first before being allowed to do the experiment over. I tried to contact this scientist with the idea of financing his 2nd experiment only to discover shell had buried his findings.

  3. Big deal! So Gotham gets a new source from which to tether its public meters by which to exsanguinate the public. The best way to bust up this exploitation is to cut their numerous umbilical cords; decentralize from these Archontic vampires.

  4. Could it be possible that these are the final divorce papers from the Rockefellers to their former benefactors in London, the Rothschilds, who have stodgily hitched their wagon to fossil fuels these last 100 years and, based on today’s geopolitical maneuvering in the mid-east and Eastern Europe, don’t seem to be wavering from this old scarcity fuel paradigm any time soon?

    A shot across the bow?

  5. Wiki says JDR Sr. was worth $900 million when he died in 1937. Adjusting for inflation–and assuming not one more red cent was made by any Rockefeller since then, and that there was no interest earned on any of that sum either–his fortune would today equal $1,498,172,000,000.

    Ergo, the sums being divested are, for the family, the equivalent of a week’s toenail clippings.

  6. This is a shell game!

    What we are talking about is the philanthropic Rockefeller Brothers Fund, who have been putting money behind Bill McKibben and the Carbon schemers. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund is tiny, less than a billion, but the family fortune is in the multibillion dollar category. I heard that the Forbes list deliberately underplays the older money such as the Rockefellers, who have been squirelling for a good long time. Not as much as the Clampets, but whose counting.

  7. A major change in Rockafailure investiment, well gollee, these guys don’t do anything without knowing “something”. The world does need a new energy source, and fusion maybe one of them, but behind every story, there is always another story. I can’t read the Rockafailure tealeaves but these guys are as sneaky as it gets, and they love money more than their children.

  8. After years of stepping on Teslarian / Braden / Alternative energy solutions. They may have settled on the next centralized replacement.. Gee, how much public moneys have been used to make sure this new innovation gets rolled out by the one percenters? How many sudden violent deaths have occurred, patents/IP stolen and innovation sequestered from public view? So, I have a problem. How do you bring yourself to invest in the same people who have made sure we’ve suffered technological retardation for at least the last 100 years?

  9. Robert Barricklow

    As far as the mainstream new’s radar?
    They don’t have any. What they do have is teleprompter.
    The game plan hasn’t changed one iota.
    Remember what the Rockefeller’s are known for:
    “Competition is a sin.”.
    Monopoly is there game.
    Fusion is in the process are becoming monopolized.

  10. Well what do the Rockefellers know and when did they know it. Is this the opening of the twenty first century age of exploration, exploitation, rapine, and pillage this time the rest of the solar system and space. With these and the other usual villains doesn’t bode well for the rest of us.

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