March 24, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mr. S.D. shared this one with me, and I'm confident that your reaction will be similar to mine. I was, in a word, stunned by the implications, and when you see it, I'm sure you will be to. The reason? Well, to put it succinctly, there appears to be a relationship between gold in the body, and the ability to target individual cancers cells, and eleminate them:

Gold nanotubes image and destroy cancer cells in three ways

Now, of course, what is immediately apparent is that this is being run by self-described transhumanist and singularity advocate, Ray Kurzweil.

However, what caught my eye about this article was something very different, and regular readers here, and more importantly, members of this website, will have caught it too. During one of our recent vidchats, the observation was made - I forget by whom - how many of the "elite" appear to just live on and on and on, and some of them don't even really look their age. David Rockefeller, for example, is almost a centenarian, at 99 years old. Henry Kissinger is in his 90s. Queen Elizabeth II is 88 (and she looks nearly two decades younger). And few of them ever seem to die of cancer. What accounts for this longevity? We will hear the usual useful nonsense: they don't smoke, exercise regularly, and limit cholesterol and sugar intakes...&c &c blah blah blah. What we probably won't be told is that they eat organic food only, avoid vaccinations, don't drink fluoridated water.

But I digress. The real point here is that if, as we have argued on occassion on this website, there is a secret physics and a technology stemming from it, it stands to reason that there is also a secret medicine, and technology stemming from that. No one familiar with the stories of Royal Raymond Rife or French physician Antoine Priorie can conclude otherwise. What is of interest here are the following statements from the article:

"The researchers injected the gold nanotubes intravenously. They controlled the length of the nanotubes for the right dimensions to absorb near-infrared light (which penetrates tissue well) from a pulsed infrared laser beam.

"By adjusting the brightness of the laser pulse, the researchers were able to control whether the gold nanotubes were in imaging mode or cancer-destruction mode.

"For imaging, after absorbing energy from the laser pulse, the gold nanotubes generated ultrasound for multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT), used to detect the gold nanotubes.

"For cancer destruction, there were two options:

  • Use a stronger laser beam to rapidly raise the temperature in the vicinity of the nanotubes so that the temperature was high enough to destroy cancer cells.
  • Load the central hollow core of the nanotubes with a therapeutic payload."(Emphasis added)

Now, reading bewteen the lines a bit, what is being said is this: (1) nanotubes of a particular length are injected into the body. The length is crucial, for its ability to "absorb near-infrared laser light" is a function of the wavelength of the light, and hence, the gold nanotubes are of particular lengths that are harmonics of the laser light. (2) This laser light is varied to control which function the gold nanotubes perform, one of which is the ability to image the cancer cells, in their live state, and at the cellular level.

Now, if this sounds familiar, it should, for it is eerily similar to the claims Dr. Royal Raymond Rife claimed for his microscope. Rife, you'll recall, claimed to have invented a microscope which, through special "tuning," could see viruses optically (this, incidentally, was part of his claim that got him into trouble; the other being that he was able to cure cancer with vibration alone) and in their live state. Now, as already mentioned, Rife claimed to have been able to cure cancer by (1) observing cancer cells in their live state, (2) calculating their resonant frequency, and (3) bombarding them with that very frequency until, being unable to damp it, they simply "exploded" and died, leaving the healthy cells (resonant to different frequencies) alive, well, and unharmed. That, in short, is the gist of the Rife story.

So you'll notice the similarity here, the only difference being that gold is the subject of the vibrations, and not the cells themselves. But if nanoimaging of this sort is part of this new technique, and the calculation of the unhealthy cells' resonant frequencies be far behind? I doubt it. But you'll note a second eerie resemblance to Rife's technique, a rather more direct one, in fact, as the gold nanotubes can be used to raise the temperature of cells through their natural resonance with the infrared lasers. The only difference here with Rife's claims is, once again, that in his technique, the resonance was to the diseased tissue itself, whereas here, the resonance is to an intermediary agent, the gold nanotube itself.

All of these parallels raise to my mind the high octane possibility that we're being afforded a glimpse, not into an emerging technology, but rather, one that has been around for a while, and which was suppressed, and which, now, a bit of that technology, in modified form, is being released. Or, to put it differently, it looks as if, decades later, the principle outlines of Rife's claims are, to some extent, being loosely corroborated.

See you on the flip side...