1. 1954 Russian scientists transplanted a smaller dog head onto a German shepherd, horrible pictures they were.
    The monkey head transplant was considered a success when it lived for 3 days.
    Chinese scientists mixed human and rabbit DNA and embryos.
    You can imagine how far ahead they are which we don’t hear about. No morals for that crowd.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    I’m reminded of Boris Karloff in “The Hand” where a hand is creeping along bent upon murder. Flash Forward to Brain Implant technology that is being hacked. The Control switches to the hacker who can take the guys hand & make it strangle him[control of arm, etc.].
    Heart attack, with a point-and-click[when Control is usurped]
    That’s the problem. That’s the elephant in the room. The flappy ear one, whose been implanted, and making all witnesses pancakes.

  3. Ah, the promoters of these and similar “wonders” must be oh-so-compassionate and desirous of alleviating human suffering (promoters as distinct from inventors, these two should not be tarred with the same brush). Or perhaps not. Any member of the oligarchy – undoubtedly the main “customer target” for this technology – should think not twice but a dozen time before allowing this “convenient” implant in themselves or their unwitting relatives. Since it could just as easily be used to turn off their vital functions permanently at the flip of a distant switch…

  4. Controlling your wheelchair with your thoughts wasn’t that done, In a two part episode that incorporated the first pilot The Cage of the first Star Trek series. And we can go back to the Krell from Forbidden Planet and any diehard science fiction fan knows how that ended.

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