Podcast: Dr. Joseph P. Farrell


So... what was so interesting about Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addressing the US Congress? Well, possibly many things, says Joseph, in today's News and Views from the Nefarium. Here's the Washington Post article with its puddle deep analysis and fifth grade English(after all, the Senators and Representatives have to be able to read it in order to be told what to think and how to vote):

In speech to Congress, Abe lays out more assertive role for Japan



  1. dear joseph…I am afraid I respect your beliefs…but i am studying other research and I will have to leave your sort of black and white middle road understanding behind… I so think that you are on the right path but like so many things in this time…the information available is leaving researchers like you behind…I am looking at the nibiru research…the annunaki research…maybe look at gerald clark who is not in any way woo…woo.
    we need to know about this info today…the reality of a planet moving thru our solar system is here and now…the historical texts are available. Just been waiting for a new look at what they really mean and how they relate to humanity today. If you are up for it maybe you can address the enormous amount of info on line about this 10th planet..from my understanding it is by far more important than any shadow secret space program…this may be the reason for such a program…and you can start with the ridiculous story of the astronomer who died of throat cancer when he was getting ready to expose the truth in 1991,,dr. harrington.
    respectively rf linn alias kit kalbert

  2. Eh, Mr. Abe forgot to mention a couple of minor incidents being Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you cannot tell me the Japanese have just forgotten about those little mishaps. The Japanese people are like no other on the planet, you have to go there to experience it. So Mr. Abe can say all he wants to say, but here it comes “HE DOES NOT REPRASENT THE WISHES OF THE JAPANESE PEOPLE. Now just where have we heard that before, I’ll give you a hint….ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

  3. Will Turkey get a piece of the action at the UN it was a axles power in WW1. Looks like they’re throwing the CSA on to the tracks of a on coming train or under the wheels of a on coming bus. And what the big deal of addressing a joint session of Congress they’re either bought and paid for or barely sentient or both anyway.

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