1. Robert Barricklow

      Next thing you know those “bad boys” will be seeking to achieve more equality for the world; instead of the present policy of increasing inequalities throughout the world.

      I like it when James Bond’s Casino Royal had the bad guys putting puts on American airlines just before 9/11

  1. Robert Barricklow

    William Engdahl has a new article focusing upon the Russia/China bond, in respect to establishing a world-yuan reserve-currency/substantially strengthened by their respective gold reserves.

    “Russia Gets Very Serious About De-Dollarization”.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    As many here are attuned to the pseudo-science issues in all spectrums of the monopolized management of information, the following article dealing with cancer/health is shocking[at least should be, if it weren’t so signature of “their” ways.


    “Why Didn’t my Doctor Tell Me Chemo Kills?”

  3. At the end of all this manuvering either america will lose its financial position(thereby being forced to begin paying its debt) and become a second world financial power and/or the rothschild group in europe will force the hand of america’s military to create a conflict involving Russia and perhaps another bricsa nation. The mole in bricsa is South Africa whose real power lies in the english monarchy and a bit of dutch royal influence(quite a bit)also the German royals hiding out in Southwest Africa are nothing to forget either in this region. I hope the Russians are good chess players on multi level boards. If the rothschilds can’t get on board (make big money)with the new swift replacement from bricsa then Ukraine will be sacrificed to make Russia a pariah,otherwise america will be made to look like trouble makers and devolved into a mexican mafia shooting gallery.

  4. marcos toledo

    When have Europeans especially Western Europeans ever lost out taking the USA to the cleaners. The Russians feel the Neo-Cons cross the red line and now they are going to take marbles and go and play with people they can trust.

  5. Well done on getting to the printers ! And thank you for progress report and critical explanation.I had no idea the Russians ended up on the SWIFT board, after all those threats and lines in the sand. It is a grotesque game they are playing with us. The quote attributed to Putin “Negotiating with Obama, is like playing chess with a pigeon” makes even more sense now!-) Interested to hear more of the potential conflict of interest within BRICS. Thanks again for your work, Dr. Farrell.

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